1992 MCN Supercup ACU British Championship

Technical regulations

1992 ACU 750cc Regulations

Motorcycles for the 750cc category correspond to four-stroke solo motorcycles complying with FIM regulations.

Engine capacities

701-750cc, four-stroke, 4-cylinder, no minimum weight;
751-1000cc, four-stroke, 2-cylinder (including rotary engines), no minimum weight.

Championship rules

Qualifying format

2 official qualifying sessions, each rider's fastest lap time from either session is taken as their qualification time. The maximum lap time required to qualify will be equal to 115% of the fastest time overall.

Race format

2 races of at least 25 miles distance, considered as separate races for the purpose of awarding points and prizes. Riders who fail to finish the first race may start the second race. The starting grid for both races will be based on official qualification times.

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Prize fund

Payable in British Pounds. 1st: 650; 2nd: 450; 3rd: 300; 4th: 225; 5th: 160; 6th: 135; 7th: 100; 8th: 70; 9th: 60; 10th: 50; 11th: 35; 12th: 35; 13th: 35; 14th: 35; 15th: 35; 16th: 25; 17th: 25; 18th: 25; 19th: 25; 20th: 25.