1995 British Supercup Championship

Technical regulations

1995 ACU TT Superbike Regulations

Motorcycles for TT Superbike correspond to four-stroke solo motorcycles complying with FIM regulations.

Engine capacities

701-750cc, four-stroke, 4-cylinder, no minimum weight;
751-1000cc, four-stroke, 2-cylinder (including rotary engines), minimum dry weight 150kg.

Championship rules

Rider eligibility

Only riders in possession of an FIM Non-Championship International licence, a Grade A European licence, or an ACU or SACU National competition licence are eligible to compete.

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 15; 2nd: 12; 3rd: 10; 4th: 8; 5th: 6; 6th: 5; 7th: 4; 8th: 3; 9th: 2; 10th: 1.

Prize fund

Payable in British Pounds. 1st: 700; 2nd: 500; 3rd: 300; 4th: 200; 5th: 160; 6th: 150; 7th: 140; 8th: 130; 9th: 120; 10th: 100.