DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1991-05-121Flag of Denmark JyllandsringenNordisk Mesterskab Road Racing '91
1991-08-112Flag of Sweden AnderstorpWorld Superbike Swedish RoundGO!
1991-08-183Flag of Finland RäyskäläPohjoismaiden Mestaruus Roadracing
1991-08-264Flag of Norway RudskogenNordisk Mesterskap Roadracing

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The following official data is currently missing:

1991-05-12 Jyllandsringen: All sessions, Entry list

1991-08-11 Anderstorp: Free Practice, Warm-Up

1991-08-18 Räyskälä: All sessions, Entry list

1991-08-26 Rudskogen: All sessions, Entry list

Copies of any of this information would be greatly appreciated. If you have any additional information about this season's races or riders, please contact me!