1992 Championnat de France Superbike

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-03-151Flag of France Le MansChampionnat de France Open/SuperbikeGO!
1992-04-122Flag of France Magny-CoursChampionnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-05-033Flag of France Pau-ArnosChampionnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-05-174Flag of France CaroleChampionnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-05-245Flag of France NogaroChampionnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-05-316Flag of France Paul Ricard (Short)Championnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-06-287Flag of France AlbiChampionnat de France Open/Superbike
1992-07-058Flag of France CaroleChampionnat de France Open/Superbike

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The following official data is currently missing:

1992-03-15 Le Mans: Qualifying 2, Warm-Up

1992-04-12 Magny-Cours: All sessions, Entry list

1992-05-03 Pau-Arnos: All sessions, Entry list

1992-05-17 Carole: All sessions, Entry list

1992-05-24 Nogaro: All sessions, Entry list

1992-05-31 Paul Ricard (Short): All sessions, Entry list

1992-06-28 Albi: All sessions, Entry list

1992-07-05 Carole: All sessions, Entry list

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