1994 Internationales Deutsche Strassenmeisterschaft

Pro-Superbike graduated to international championship status in 1994 - awarding points to allcomers, not just German-licence holders - and two-time victor Edwin Weibel had new competition: ex-Yamaha frontman Udo Mark, now defected to Ducati, and Mark's replacement the Swede Christer Lindholm, fresh from a runner-up finish in the 1993 European Championship. A change to the point system now allowed each rider to discard the points from their lowest-scoring event - a huge benefit for Lindholm who never scored fewer than 10 points all year while both of his rivals had non-scores included in their total. He just needed to withstand the pressure at the final round and score consistent points, and by doing exactly that he claimed the championship on his first attempt. At least that's what everyone thought; over a month later came the news that Udo Mark had successfully used an oversight by the governing body to appeal his disqualification from one of August's Nürburgring races. In doing so he triggered a chain of amendments and the 8 points he re-gained denied Lindholm the top spot in extremely unpopular fashion. Mark himself called it a bittersweet victory, but he clearly wanted it badly enough to exploit the rules anyway. And thanks to questionable OMK-organisation the 1994 title was won in a courtroom; the Pro-Superbike management's dislike of their governing body grew ever stronger.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1994-04-171Flag of Germany SpeyerADAC-Hein-Gericke-FlugplatzrennenGO!
1994-05-152Flag of Germany NürburgringInternationales ADAC-EifelpokalrennenGO!
1994-05-223Flag of Austria SalzburgringAustrian Motorcycle Grand PrixGO!
1994-06-194Flag of Hungary HungaroringInternationales DMV-Preis von Budapest
1994-07-105Flag of Czech Republic MostInternationales 14. ADAC-Motorradrennen WürzburgGO!
1994-07-316Flag of Germany Nürburgring (Short)Internationales 17. DMV-"Siegerland-Preis"GO!
1994-08-217Flag of Czech Republic BrnoCzech Republic Motorcycle Grand PrixGO!
1994-09-038Flag of Germany Hockenheim (Short)Internationales 15. ADAC-Preis der Stadt HeidelbergGO!

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1994-05-22 Salzburgring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1994-06-19 Hungaroring: All sessions, Entry list

1994-07-10 Most: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2

1994-07-31 Nürburgring (Short): Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1994-08-21 Brno: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Race 2, Entry list

1994-09-03 Hockenheim (Short): Race 1, Race 2

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