1990-05-18 to 1990-05-20

Shell Oils Australian Superbike Championship

Mallala (Permanent circuit, 2.6010 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Mallala circuit.


  • 18 May, Fri
  • No results.Free Practice 1
  • No results.Free Practice 2
  • 19 May, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying
  • 20 May, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Race 1
  • Results are available.Race 2
  • Race 2

    Scheduled duration: 25 laps
    Started: 26 / Classified: 23

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    12Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTKawasaki2529:25.99132.551:09.5023
    24Flag of AustraliaPeter GODDARDYamaha2529:26.220.23132.541:10.0322
    31Flag of AustraliaMalcolm CAMPBELLHonda2529:27.931.94132.411:09.8223
    4008Flag of AustraliaDaryl BEATTIEHonda2529:41.6115.62131.391:09.999
    525Flag of AustraliaScott DOOHANHonda2529:48.0722.08130.921:10.634
    65Flag of AustraliaRene BONGERSYamaha2530:11.4345.44129.231:11.0920
    73Flag of AustraliaAndrew ROBERTSYamaha2530:16.6650.67128.861:11.063
    899Flag of AustraliaSteve MARTINSuzuki2530:18.7152.72128.711:11.683
    934Flag of AustraliaPeter GUESTYamaha2530:33.331:07.34127.691:11.903
    10111Flag of AustraliaDoug PITMANYamaha2530:40.941:14.95127.161:10.873
    117Flag of AustraliaGraeme MORRISDucati2429:31.031 lap126.891:12.188
    1236Flag of AustraliaGeoff WINZERHonda2429:44.081 lap125.961:13.163
    1360Flag of AustraliaKarl SCHMIDTKawasaki2429:44.511 lap125.931:13.4424
    1414Flag of AustraliaDavid LUTHJEYamaha2429:59.511 lap124.881:13.7323
    1548Flag of AustraliaCraig STAFFORDYamaha2430:00.971 lap124.781:12.993
    1635Flag of AustraliaTrevor JORDANSuzuki2430:03.361 lap124.621:13.5121
    1780Flag of AustraliaScott OWENSuzuki2430:43.361 lap121.911:15.593
    1875Flag of AustraliaMark FISSENDENDucati2329:27.412 laps121.851:15.3020
    1919Flag of AustraliaPaul SZEWCZUKSuzuki2329:28.842 laps121.751:15.6110
    20131Flag of AustraliaAndrew TENISON-WOODSSuzuki2329:29.292 laps121.721:14.9320
    21202Flag of Great BritainGary BULLSuzuki2329:30.302 laps121.651:15.9115
    2227Flag of AustraliaCraig WILSONSuzuki2329:32.032 laps121.531:15.7715
    2323Flag of AustraliaShane LYNCHDucati2330:04.382 laps119.361:16.978
    RT44Flag of AustraliaMark DRAPERKawasaki1013:19.37---117.141:18.403
    RT79Flag of AustraliaDavid TARRANTHonda45:20.90---116.721:15.603
    RT46Flag of AustraliaTony WHITEKawasaki11:20.09---116.911:20.091
    NS26Flag of AustraliaSimon TATEDucatiNot started
    NS6Flag of AustraliaRoy LESLIEDucatiNot started
    NS74Flag of AustraliaStuart FRIPPSuzukiNot started
    NS77Flag of AustraliaTony FOSTERHondaNot started
    NS89Flag of AustraliaBruno CHIAPPINISuzukiNot started
    NS9Flag of AustraliaSteven BESTWICKHondaEngine
    Fastest lap2Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTKawasaki1:09.50 on lap 23134.73 km/h

    Rider notes

    #9 Bestwick: Engine repeatedly overheated during practice and qualifying.


    Official results/ AMCN Vol 39 No 25 pg84⁠-⁠91/ Canberra Times 1990⁠-⁠05⁠-⁠21 pg23/ Sydney Morning Herald 1990⁠-⁠05⁠-⁠21 pg47/ Photos by Mark A Allan