1991-06-14 to 1991-06-16

European Championship - Czechoslovakia

Most (Permanent circuit, 4.1480 km)
Attendance: 6,000
Entries: 62 / Practised: ? / Qualified: 31

Map of Most circuit.


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  • 14 Jun, Fri
  • No results.Free Practice - Group A
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  • No results.Qualifying 1 - Group A
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  • 15 Jun, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 2 - Group A
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  • 16 Jun, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    11Flag of ItalyDavide TARDOZZIDucati1:34.564157.91
    26Flag of SwitzerlandBruno BAMMERTYamaha1:36.040155.49
    33Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMYamaha1:35.233156.80
    42Flag of ItalyGastone GRASSETTIYamaha1:36.107155.38
    533Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIKawasaki1:35.812155.86
    64Flag of ItalyFrancesco MONACODucati1:36.260155.13
    75Flag of ItalyFabrizio FURLANHonda1:35.944155.64
    824Flag of SwitzerlandRoland OSCHWALDHonda1:36.659154.49
    917Flag of SwitzerlandMarcel KELLENBERGERYamaha1:36.439154.84
    108Flag of ItalyMauro MASTRELLIHonda1:37.218153.60
    119Flag of GermanyThomas FRANZHonda1:36.490154.76
    1230Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSKawasaki1:37.456153.23
    1376Flag of ItalyGilberto GAMBELLIBimota1:37.499153.16
    1441Flag of NetherlandsMile PAJICKawasaki1:37.591153.01
    1577Flag of ItalyGianluca GALASSOBimota1:37.908152.52
    1638Flag of FinlandErkki SIUKOLAYamaha1:38.406151.75
    1716Flag of SwitzerlandRobert CHESAUXHonda1:39.513150.06
    1827Flag of ItalyArmando ERRICOYamaha1:39.724149.74
    1955Flag of SwedenPeter SKÖLDHonda1:39.799149.63
    2054Flag of Great BritainPeter GRAVESHonda1:40.229148.99
    2137Flag of SwedenAnders STURESSONYamaha1:39.960149.39
    2244Flag of DenmarkClaus WULFFYamaha1:40.742148.23
    2315Flag of ItalyPaolo BLORADucati1:40.540148.53
    2442Flag of NetherlandsJim GROOTEHonda1:41.574147.01
    2535Flag of SwedenThomas MACKENHAUERHonda1:40.742148.23
    2656Flag of AustriaRudolf ZELLERSuzuki1:42.921145.09
    2757Flag of HungaryImre GYŐRIHonda1:43.046144.91
    2880Flag of NetherlandsHarry HEUTMEKERSSuzuki1:43.841143.80
    2929Flag of BelgiumDidier LORISHonda1:43.466144.33
    3048Flag of CzechoslovakiaOndřej LELEKSuzuki1:45.123142.05
    3161Flag of CzechoslovakiaMartin VESELÝHonda1:44.089143.46

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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