1991-04-27 to 1991-04-28

Shell Supercup ACU British Championship

Snetterton (Permanent circuit, 3.1412 km)
Entries: 43 / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Snetterton circuit.


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  • 27 Apr, Sat
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  • 28 Apr, Sun
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  • Qualifying 1

    Scheduled duration: 35 mins
    Started: 41 / Classified: 41

    Scheduled start time: 16:15
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    18Flag of Great BritainRob McELNEAYamaha1:12.05156.9515
    220Flag of Great BritainRon HASLAMNorton1:12.240.19156.5416
    35Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAMSuzuki1:12.400.35156.1913
    46Flag of Great BritainJohn REYNOLDSKawasaki1:12.850.80155.2318
    517Flag of Great BritainRay STRINGERYamaha1:12.890.84155.147
    63Flag of Great BritainTrevor NATIONNorton1:13.020.97154.875
    72Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISONYamaha1:13.241.19154.408
    815Flag of Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYNYamaha1:13.271.22154.3415
    936Flag of Great BritainMike EDWARDSYamaha1:13.551.50153.7517
    1010Flag of Great BritainRoger BURNETTHonda1:13.681.63153.4810
    1112Flag of Great BritainSteve WILLIAMSYamaha1:13.721.67153.4011
    1230Flag of Great BritainDean ASHTONYamaha1:14.112.06152.5912
    1333Flag of Great BritainTim BOURNEKawasaki1:14.202.15152.4015
    1467Flag of Great BritainSimon WATSONYamaha1:14.622.57151.5515
    1551Flag of Great BritainMark PHILLIPSYamaha1:14.712.66151.3610
    1635Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAMYamaha1:14.802.75151.189
    1723Flag of IrelandMark FARMERYamaha1:14.882.83151.0217
    1870Flag of Great BritainIan YOUNGYamaha1:15.173.12150.447
    1937Flag of New ZealandRobert HOLDENHonda1:15.313.26150.167
    2038Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha1:15.653.60149.489
    2114Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATEYamaha1:15.663.61149.4615
    2288Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONHonda1:15.713.66149.3615
    234Flag of Great BritainSteve SPRAYKawasaki1:15.743.69149.306
    2469Flag of Great BritainRodney McCURDYHonda1:15.883.83149.0312
    2543Flag of Great BritainJohn BURGESSYamaha1:15.983.93148.839
    2639Flag of Great BritainAnthony WOODCOCKYamaha1:16.084.03148.6412
    2718Flag of Great BritainMark LINSCOTTYamaha1:16.184.13148.448
    2840Flag of Great BritainGraham WARDKawasaki1:16.314.26148.198
    2944Flag of Great BritainTom KNIGHTHonda1:16.414.36148.0013
    3011Flag of Great BritainGary WESTONYamaha1:16.794.74147.267
    3166Flag of Great BritainPaul DEAVINKawasaki1:16.904.85147.0518
    3272Flag of Great BritainIan GREENHonda1:17.115.06146.6511
    3364Flag of Great BritainChris MORRISHonda1:17.285.23146.3314
    3448Flag of Great BritainSimon BASTOWSuzuki1:17.865.81145.2417
    3571Flag of Great BritainAndy GREENHonda1:18.376.32144.296
    3668Flag of Great BritainHugh MASONHonda1:18.476.42144.113
    3745Flag of Great BritainMark LIVINGSTONSuzuki1:19.917.86141.518
    3842Flag of Great BritainMicky DAVIDSONYamaha1:24.1412.09134.402
    3931Flag of Great BritainDuncan BAILEYKawasaki1:25.5913.54132.1216
    4050Flag of Great BritainDave SEAGRAVESuzuki1:28.5816.53127.663
    4134Flag of Great BritainDavid BOWIEHonda1:52.2440.19100.751

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