1991-03-09 to 1991-03-10

Selettiva Italiano Superbike

Misano (Permanent circuit, 3.4880 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Misano circuit.


  • 9 Mar, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 1
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  • 10 Mar, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Race 1
  • Results are available.Race 2
  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: ? / Classified: 13

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    1Flag of ItalyDavide TARDOZZIDucati2635:11.263154.64
    2Flag of BelgiumSt├ęphane MERTENSDucati2637.935151.91
    3Flag of ItalyLuca PASINIHonda2638.655151.86
    4Flag of ItalyDaniele LOCATELLIHonda2639.819151.77
    5Flag of ItalyRomolo BALBIYamaha2653.461150.82
    6Flag of ItalyAndrea BRUNOTTIDucati251 lap
    7Flag of ItalyArmando ERRICOYamaha251 lap
    8Flag of ItalyIvo ARNOLDIDucati251 lap
    9Flag of ItalyEloi CHIARIOTTIYamaha251 lap
    10Flag of ItalyValerio DESTEFANISDucati251 lap
    11Flag of ItalyAlberto CARPINELLIHonda251 lap
    12Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARIHonda251 lap
    13Flag of ItalyMaurizio MORSELLIHonda233 laps
    RTFlag of ItalyPaolo BLORADucati24Accident
    RTFlag of ItalyBruno SCATOLAHonda---
    RTFlag of ItalyEzio MOROTTIDucati---
    RTFlag of ItalyFabrizio FURLANHondaAccident
    RTFlag of ItalyAlbano FABBRIKawasaki---
    RTFlag of AustriaStefan KLABACHERHonda---
    Fastest lapFlag of ItalyDavide TARDOZZIDucati1:20.097156.77 km/h

    La Stampa 1991⁠-⁠03⁠-⁠11/ Le Soir 1991⁠-⁠03⁠-⁠11 pg28/ Motosprint 1991⁠-⁠11 pg58⁠-⁠59