1992-10-10 to 1992-10-11

Campeonato de España de Velocidad

Catalunya (Permanent circuit, 4.7470 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Catalunya circuit.


  • 10 Oct, Sat
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  • 11 Oct, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Race
  • Race

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 18 / Classified: 15

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Patchy

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    11Flag of SpainJuan LÓPEZ MELLAHonda1938:23.220140.971:58.399132
    219Flag of SpainMarc GRAUYamaha1938:30.5787.358140.531:58.954184
    322Flag of SpainJordi LÓPEZKawasaki1938:34.03210.812140.321:59.645186
    428Flag of SpainAmador PRADASKawasaki1939:09.09745.877138.222:00.5911912
    512Flag of SpainSalvador GÁLVEZYamaha1939:09.26246.042138.212:00.577195
    611Flag of SpainJulián RECUENCOYamaha1939:36.6151:13.395136.622:03.14889
    716Flag of SpainJuan Carlos ROSAKawasaki1940:10.2441:47.024134.712:01.5811310
    823Flag of SpainJesús DEL NEROKawasaki1838:26.4271 lap133.372:04.48314
    934Flag of SpainManuel MARTÍNDucati1838:52.3671 lap131.892:03.926188
    1029Flag of SpainEnrique VILLELLASHonda1838:53.4491 lap131.822:04.4731811
    1126Flag of SpainAngel COLOMOKawasaki1838:59.6641 lap131.472:06.84518
    1215Flag of SpainRamón SANZSuzuki1839:06.3301 lap131.102:07.27516
    1318Flag of SpainJosé Luis LISAHonda1839:06.5461 lap131.092:07.09418
    1431Flag of SpainIgnacio VEGA-PENICHETYamaha1840:00.2471 lap128.162:11.11416
    1525Flag of SpainMarcial NOTARIOSuzuki1738:35.1762 laps125.482:10.7624
    RT48Flag of SpainDaniel AMATRIAÍNDucati613:31.371Clutch126.372:04.18031
    RT10Flag of SpainAntonio GARCÍAYamaha00:00.000Accident3
    RT20Flag of SpainIbon OYARZABALKawasaki00:00.000---
    NS3Flag of SpainJosé María SAGARDOGUIHondaNot started7
    Fastest lap1Flag of SpainJuan LÓPEZ MELLAHonda1:58.399 on lap 13144.34 km/h

    Official results/ Official points table/ El Mundo Deportivo 1992⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠11 pg38/ El Mundo Deportivo 1992⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠12 pg42, 46/ La Vanguardia 1992⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠12 pg11/ Solo Moto Actual n.856 1992⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠21 pg84⁠-⁠89