1992-07-11 to 1992-07-12

MCN Supercup ACU British Championship

Snetterton (Permanent circuit, 3.1412 km)
Entries: 40 / Practised: 31 / Qualified: 31

Map of Snetterton circuit.


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  • 11 Jul, Sat
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  • 12 Jul, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
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  • Qualifying 1

    Scheduled duration: 30 mins
    Started: 31 / Classified: 31

    Scheduled start time: 10:20
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    16Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISONKawasaki1:10.91159.471717
    23Flag of Great BritainJohn REYNOLDSKawasaki1:10.950.04159.381515
    323Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERNorton1:11.480.57158.201119
    47Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYDucati1:11.630.72157.871417
    520Flag of Great BritainRobert DUNLOPNorton1:12.111.20156.821618
    65Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAMSuzuki1:12.191.28156.651318
    71Flag of Great BritainRob McELNEAYamaha1:12.251.34156.521414
    816Flag of Great BritainTim BOURNERoton1:12.351.44156.301617
    935Flag of Great BritainDavid JEFFERIESYamaha1:12.932.02155.061619
    1021Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIEKawasaki1:13.152.24154.591516
    1122Flag of Great BritainIan SIMPSONKawasaki1:14.013.10152.79713
    1215Flag of Great BritainAndy WARDKawasaki1:14.303.39152.20720
    1317Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAMYamaha1:14.303.39152.201313
    1425Flag of Great BritainRoger BENNETTDucati1:14.373.46152.05818
    158Flag of Great BritainTrevor NATIONDucati1:14.453.54151.89513
    1627Flag of Great BritainSimon WATSONKawasaki1:14.783.87151.221718
    1728Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha1:14.873.96151.041519
    1826Flag of Great BritainPete BOASTYamaha1:15.114.20150.561519
    1934Flag of Great BritainTom KNIGHTHonda1:15.224.31150.341718
    2029Flag of Great BritainMichael RUTTERDucati1:15.564.65149.66614
    2145Flag of Great BritainRobin MILTONKawasaki1:15.724.81149.341314
    2236Flag of Great BritainGraham WARDKawasaki1:15.744.83149.301515
    2340Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONKawasaki1:16.045.13148.721113
    2446Flag of Great BritainMark FORSYTHDucati1:16.125.21148.561622
    2532Flag of Great BritainJohn BARTONHonda1:16.165.25148.481419
    2644Flag of Great BritainMartin JAMESYamaha1:16.735.82147.381415
    2743Flag of Great BritainPaul BROWNKawasaki1:19.258.34142.691216
    2824Flag of Great BritainRichard DEFAGOHonda1:19.298.38142.621115
    2942Flag of Great BritainAllan WARNERKawasaki1:20.159.24141.091619
    3033Flag of Great BritainIan HIGSONKawasaki1:20.619.70140.28818
    3130Flag of Great BritainSean EMMETTYamaha27:53.4226:42.516.7611

    Official results/ Official entry list/ Official timetable/ 1992⁠-⁠07⁠-⁠12 BBC live TV coverage/ The Daily Telegraph 1992⁠-⁠07⁠-⁠13 pg33/ Photos by Graham Grummitt (Facebook)