1992-08-14 to 1992-08-16

Nordic Championship - Superbike

Karlskoga (Permanent circuit, 3.0000 km)
Entries: 28 / Practised: 27 / Qualified: 27

Map of Karlskoga circuit.


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  • 15 Aug, Sat
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  • 16 Aug, Sun
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  • Qualifying

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 27 / Classified: 27

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: ? / Track: ?

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/H
    11Flag of NorwayRolf Kåre VALDERHAUGYamaha1:10.80152.54
    22Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLAKawasaki1:12.011.21149.98
    314Flag of DenmarkLars Kim JENSENKawasaki1:12.171.37149.65
    418Flag of FinlandErkki SIUKOLAYamaha1:12.181.38149.63
    511Flag of NorwayJon Steinar VIVELIDKawasaki1:12.451.65149.07
    644Flag of NorwayThorvald SÆBYHonda1:12.721.92148.51
    719Flag of DenmarkClaus WULFFYamaha1:13.382.58147.18
    813Flag of NorwayRay MOEHonda1:13.762.96146.42
    95Flag of FinlandErkka KORPIAHOYamaha1:13.873.07146.20
    103Flag of NorwayJan Olav NOTENGSuzuki1:13.873.07146.20
    1123Flag of FinlandBen NYMANKawasaki1:13.933.13146.08
    1212Flag of NorwayEgil RUTHKawasaki1:14.153.35145.65
    1315Flag of FinlandJuha KYLLÖNENDucati1:14.213.41145.53
    1454Flag of NorwayØystein NETTUMYamaha1:14.543.74144.89
    1538Flag of SwedenFredrik OLSSONSuzuki1:14.593.79144.79
    1626Flag of SwedenJoakim KARLSSONSuzuki1:14.653.85144.68
    1749Flag of NorwayTor Kato RUGÅSHonda1:15.144.34143.73
    1890Flag of SwedenMats WINBERGSuzuki1:15.304.50143.43
    1940Flag of NorwaySven Erik JOHANSENYamaha1:15.364.56143.31
    2021Flag of SwedenGöran SANDBERGYamaha1:15.915.11142.27
    2122Flag of FinlandAri PIRINENSuzuki1:16.075.27141.97
    2248Flag of NorwayKnut Arne FÆRGESTADYamaha1:16.405.60141.36
    2350Flag of DenmarkGitte LINDGRENYamaha1:17.006.20140.26
    244Flag of SwedenThomas MACKENHAUERKawasaki1:17.997.19138.48
    2525Flag of DenmarkPeter CHRISTIANSENSuzuki1:18.007.20138.46
    2628Flag of DenmarkJacob MADSENSuzuki1:18.607.80137.40
    2710Flag of DenmarkJesper VÆRUM KRISTENSENSuzuki1:18.777.97137.11

    Official results/ RACE 1992⁠-⁠22 pg4⁠-⁠5