Campeonato Nacional de Velocidade - Superbike

Santo André (Temporary road circuit, 2.7500 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Santo André circuit.


  • 4 Oct, Sun
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  • Results are available.Race 1
  • Results are available.Race 2
  • Race 2

    Scheduled duration: 20 laps
    Started: 12 / Classified: 9

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    134Flag of PortugalJosé PEREIRAYamaha
    26Flag of PortugalPedro BAPTISTADucati
    34Flag of PortugalRui CARVALHOKawasaki
    48Flag of PortugalTelmo PEREIRASuzuki
    511Flag of PortugalMário DIASKawasaki
    620Flag of PortugalAndré SILVAKawasaki
    728Flag of PortugalJoão FONTAINHASKawasaki
    823Flag of PortugalAntónio PEREIRASuzuki
    947Flag of PortugalGermano PEREIRADucati
    RT9Flag of PortugalJoão RAMADADucati
    RT1Flag of PortugalAlexandre LARANJEIRASuzuki
    RT18Flag of PortugalAntónio GODINHOKawasaki

    Official points table/ Anuário FNM 1993 pg43/ Moto Jornal n.253 pg33⁠-⁠36/ Photos by Pedro Castro Silva