1994-07-22 to 1994-07-24

Shell Oils Australian Superbike Championship

Oran Park (Permanent circuit, 2.6250 km)
Attendance: 30,000
Entries: 18 / Practised: 17 / Qualified: 17


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  • 22 Jul, Fri
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  • 23 Jul, Sat
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  • 24 Jul, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    12Flag of AustraliaScott DOOHANDucati1:11.183132.76
    223Flag of AustraliaAnthony GOBERTHonda1:11.442132.28
    345Flag of AustraliaMat MLADINKawasaki1:11.447132.27
    415Flag of AustraliaMartin CRAGGILLKawasaki1:11.736131.73
    55Flag of AustraliaKirk McCARTHYHonda1:11.983131.28
    66Flag of AustraliaRoy LESLIEDucati1:12.046131.17
    716Flag of AustraliaRobbie BAIRDYamaha1:12.711129.97
    844Flag of AustraliaTrevor JORDANKawasaki1:12.917129.60
    918Flag of AustraliaSteve MARTINSuzuki1:12.960129.52
    1011Flag of AustraliaChris BOMBARDIEREKawasaki1:12.960129.52
    1117Flag of AustraliaPeter GODDARDSuzuki1:13.004129.44
    127Flag of AustraliaShawn GILESYamaha1:13.859127.95
    1375Flag of AustraliaCraig SUTCLIFFEKawasaki1:15.878124.54
    1427Flag of AustraliaMichael COULSONHonda1:15.949124.43
    1588Flag of AustraliaDave BURGUNKawasaki1:17.622121.74
    1629Flag of AustraliaDaniele VANOLINIHonda1:18.055121.07
    1763Flag of AustraliaStuart HABLETHWAITEKawasaki1:19.438118.96

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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