1994-09-02 to 1994-09-04

Shell Oils Australian Superbike Championship

Eastern Creek (Permanent circuit, 3.9300 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 22


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  • 2 Sep, Fri
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  • 3 Sep, Sat
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  • 4 Sep, Sun
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  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: 16 laps
    Started: 19 / Classified: 15

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    123Flag of AustraliaAnthony GOBERTHonda1625:34.07147.561:34.8032
    215Flag of AustraliaMartin CRAGGILLKawasaki1625:36.001.93147.381:33.9884
    317Flag of AustraliaPeter GODDARDSuzuki1625:36.602.53147.321:35.351010
    45Flag of AustraliaKirk McCARTHYHonda1625:37.593.52147.221:34.5323
    544Flag of AustraliaTrevor JORDANKawasaki1625:43.529.45146.661:34.2026
    66Flag of AustraliaRoy LESLIEDucati1625:52.2518.18145.831:35.6827
    72Flag of AustraliaScott DOOHANDucati1625:52.3618.29145.821:35.9525
    816Flag of AustraliaRobbie BAIRDYamaha1625:55.0620.99145.571:36.2949
    918Flag of AustraliaSteve MARTINSuzuki1625:55.4921.42145.531:36.1848
    1011Flag of AustraliaChris BOMBARDIEREKawasaki1626:46.251:12.18140.931:38.15211
    1175Flag of AustraliaCraig SUTCLIFFEKawasaki1626:58.331:24.26139.881:39.74817
    1226Flag of AustraliaMark ETHERINGTONKawasaki1627:08.711:34.64138.991:40.46513
    1329Flag of AustraliaDaniele VANOLINIHonda1627:12.671:38.60138.651:40.96716
    1461Flag of AustraliaJohn MANWARRINGYamaha1526:13.181 lap134.901:42.71320
    1563Flag of AustraliaStuart HABLETHWAITEKawasaki1526:30.811 lap133.401:44.68321
    RT70Flag of AustraliaTony YATESKawasaki1019:12.23---122.791:41.89712
    RT59Flag of AustraliaMichael COOKSuzuki713:07.20---125.811:48.37222
    RT45Flag of AustraliaMat MLADINKawasaki57:58.57---147.821:34.7431
    RT52Flag of AustraliaKeith GREENTREEKawasaki46:54.69---136.471:41.56419
    NS05Flag of AustraliaDavid EMMERSONKawasakiNot started14
    NS25Flag of AustraliaWarwick NOWLANDYamahaNot started15
    NS7Flag of AustraliaGraeme MORRISHondaNot started18
    Fastest lap15Flag of AustraliaMartin CRAGGILLKawasaki1:33.98 on lap 8150.54 km/h

    Rider notes

    #25 Nowland, #7 Morris: Only entered Superbike class as practice for Supersport.


    Official results/ AMCN Vol 44 No 9 pg5, 76⁠-⁠88/ Canberra Times 1994⁠-⁠09⁠-⁠04 pg12/ Sydney Morning Herald 1994⁠-⁠09⁠-⁠05 pg43/ The Age 1994⁠-⁠09⁠-⁠04 pg36