1995-04-22 to 1995-04-23

Campionati Assoluti d'Italia

Vallelunga (Permanent circuit, 3.2200 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Vallelunga circuit.


  • 22 Apr, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 1
  • No results.Qualifying 2
  • 23 Apr, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Race 1
  • Results are available.Race 2
  • Race 2

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 19 / Classified: 14

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    11Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANODucati1622:50.475135.33
    222Flag of ItalyPaolo CASOLIYamaha160.309135.30
    33Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIKawasaki169.149134.44
    445Flag of ItalyLuca PASINIDucati169.269134.42
    54Flag of ItalyMassimo MEREGALLIYamaha1629.952132.44
    637Flag of ItalyMario INNAMORATIDucati1633.648132.09
    711Flag of ItalyLuca RUGGERIHonda1639.108131.58
    813Flag of ItalyMario AGNOLETTIDucati1644.306131.10
    957Flag of ItalyBruno SCATOLAKawasaki1644.463131.08
    1043Flag of ItalyWalter SARACCODucati161:13.945128.41
    1119Flag of ItalyEdy RUPELLIKawasaki151 lap
    12Flag of ItalyDario MARCHETTIKawasaki151 lap
    1379Flag of ItalyAmedeo PERRONEDucati151 lap
    14Flag of ItalySauro VALENTINIKawasaki151 lap
    ?73Flag of [unknown][unknown]Yamaha--.---
    ?82Flag of ItalyAngelo LAUDATISuzuki--.---
    RT47Flag of ItalyMichele GALLINADucati---
    RT7Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTIDucati---
    RT74Flag of ItalyBruno CIRAFICISuzukiAccident
    RT21Flag of ItalyEnzo CHIAPELLOKawasaki---

    Fastest lap time not known.


    Motosprint 1995⁠-⁠16/17 pg64⁠-⁠69/ Maurizio Mazzoni archive