1995-05-05 to 1995-05-07

World Superbike German Round

Hockenheim (Permanent circuit, 6.7920 km)
Attendance: 30,000
Event permit: IMN 102/1
Timekeepers: ADAC Württemberg
Entries: 52 / Practised: 44 / Qualified: 36

Map of Hockenheim circuit.


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  • 5 May, Fri
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  • 6 May, Sat
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  • 7 May, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    111Flag of AustraliaTroy CORSERMichelin tyresDucati2:02.29199.94
    227Flag of ItalyPierfrancesco CHILIMichelin tyresDucati2:02.55199.52
    31Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresDucati2:02.81199.10
    433Flag of Great BritainJohn REYNOLDSDunlop tyresKawasaki2:03.06198.69
    513Flag of ItalyPaolo CASOLIMichelin tyresYamaha2:03.14198.56
    612Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARIMichelin tyresDucati2:03.20198.47
    720Flag of GermanyJochen SCHMIDDunlop tyresKawasaki2:03.39198.16
    82Flag of USAScott RUSSELLDunlop tyresKawasaki2:03.40198.15
    93Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTMichelin tyresHonda2:03.38198.18
    109Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresDucati2:03.50197.99
    1145Flag of USAColin EDWARDSDunlop tyresYamaha2:03.57197.87
    1225Flag of JapanYasutomo NAGAIDunlop tyresYamaha2:03.68197.70
    1324Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWADunlop tyresKawasaki2:03.75197.59
    145Flag of New ZealandSimon CRAFARMichelin tyresHonda2:03.75197.59
    1521Flag of ItalyMassimo MEREGALLIMichelin tyresYamaha2:03.77197.55
    1669Flag of SwitzerlandEdwin WEIBELDunlop tyresDucati2:04.04197.12
    178Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIDunlop tyresKawasaki2:04.06197.09
    1817Flag of AustraliaAnthony GOBERTDunlop tyresKawasaki2:04.08197.06
    194Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUMichelin tyresDucati2:04.08197.06
    2019Flag of FranceAdrien MORILLASMichelin tyresDucati2:04.14196.96
    2180Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANNMichelin tyresKawasaki2:04.45196.47
    2228Flag of ItalyGianmaria LIVERANIMichelin tyresDucati2:04.50196.40
    2334Flag of SwitzerlandMarcel KELLENBERGERMichelin tyresKawasaki2:04.64196.17
    2471Flag of SwitzerlandRoger KELLENBERGERMichelin tyresHonda2:05.12195.42
    2573Flag of GermanyRainer JÄNISCHMichelin tyresYamaha2:05.82194.33
    2632Flag of ItalyFerdinando DI MASODunlop tyresDucati2:05.98194.09
    2718Flag of ItalyValerio DESTEFANISMichelin tyresDucati2:06.01194.04
    2862Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMMichelin tyresYamaha2:06.05193.98
    2964Flag of SwitzerlandMarcel ERNSTBridgestone tyresKawasaki2:06.05193.98
    3061Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIESMichelin tyresYamaha2:06.50193.29
    3131Flag of ItalyMichele GALLINAPirelli tyresDucati2:06.51193.27
    3276Flag of GermanyMichael LIEDLDunlop tyresKawasaki2:06.53193.24
    3343Flag of Great BritainDavid JEFFERIESDunlop tyresKawasaki2:06.70192.99
    3466Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERMichelin tyresDucati2:06.98192.56
    3530Flag of ItalyBruno CIRAFICIMichelin tyresSuzuki2:07.15192.30
    3626Flag of ItalyRoberto PANICHIMichelin tyresHonda2:07.18192.26
    (37)10Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERMichelin tyresBimota2:07.94191.11
    (38)46Flag of AustriaRobert MITTERMichelin tyresDucati2:08.02191.00
    (39)52Flag of FranceThierry ROGIERDucati2:08.55190.21
    (40)29Flag of Great BritainNick HOPKINSMichelin tyresDucati2:08.64190.07
    (41)58Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTIMichelin tyresDucati2:08.86189.75
    (42)48Flag of DenmarkAnders RASMUSSENMichelin tyresYamaha2:10.46187.42
    (43)65Flag of SwitzerlandEric MAILLARDDunlop tyresHonda2:10.84186.88
    (44)49Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATEMichelin tyresYamaha2:12.12185.07

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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