1996-09-14 to 1996-09-15

BOBY Motion '96 Open

Brno (Permanent circuit, 5.4032 km)
Entries: 31 / Practised: 31 / Qualified: 30

Map of Brno circuit.

Qualifying 2

Scheduled duration: 30 mins
Started: ? / Classified: 18

Scheduled start time: 14:40
Weather: ? / Track: Wet

P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
169Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSKawasaki2:27.488131.89
236Flag of AustriaHermann SCHMIDKawasaki2:32.7285.240127.36
37Flag of Czech RepublicMichal BURSAKawasaki2:34.0396.551126.28
450Flag of AustriaHelmut KRIVKAKawasaki2:36.9469.458123.94
530Flag of AustriaRobert MITTERDucati2:38.13610.648123.01
649Flag of AustriaAndré WURZENBERGERSuzuki2:39.55712.069121.91
770Flag of HungaryJános VÉGHYamaha2:39.63612.148121.85
843Flag of AustriaChristian SCHRENKKawasaki2:39.89312.405121.65
912Flag of AustriaSeraphin LABERKawasaki2:40.09912.611121.50
109Flag of Czech RepublicMartin VESELÝHonda2:43.21815.730119.18
1160Flag of Czech RepublicPetr SCHULZDucati2:45.81218.324117.31
1235Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGERYamaha2:47.04719.559116.44
1337Flag of AustriaAnton BERGHAMMERYamaha2:47.87820.390115.87
145Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERERKawasaki2:50.40922.921114.15
1539Flag of AustriaErnst SCHULLERYamaha2:51.18923.701113.63
1629Flag of AustriaJoachim HABERFELLNERKawasaki3:01.78834.300107.00
1732Flag of AustriaKarl KUKACKAHonda3:05.75738.269104.71
1842Flag of AustriaRoland SCHRANGLKawasaki3:08.30940.821103.30

Official results/ Official points table/ Česká a slovenská motocyklová silnice 1993⁠-⁠2007 pg171⁠-⁠172/ MOTOR SPORT aktuell 1996⁠-⁠09⁠-⁠18 pg23/ Oberste Gerichtshof 1998⁠-⁠02⁠-⁠25 ruling on Karl Truchsess championship protest/ Retro Moto 90 1996 pg31⁠-⁠32