European Championship Open '96

Braga (Permanent circuit, 3.0200 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 19 / Qualified: 19

Map of Braga circuit.


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  • 15 Jun, Sat
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  • 16 Jun, Sun
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  • Qualifying 1

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: ? / Classified: 19

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: ? / Track: ?

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    15Flag of SpainDavid VÁZQUEZDucati1:21.322133.696
    214Flag of PortugalTelmo PEREIRASuzuki1:22.0930.771132.446
    32Flag of SpainEustáquio GAVIRAHonda1:22.1200.798132.399
    421Flag of SwitzerlandBernard HÄNGGELIHonda1:22.2190.897132.2319
    510Flag of SpainRubén XAUSDucati1:22.3781.056131.989
    61Flag of SpainIdalio GAVIRAHonda1:22.4551.133131.8517
    77Flag of PortugalAlexandre LARANJEIRASuzuki1:22.5311.209131.7312
    835Flag of PortugalPedro BAPTISTAKawasaki1:22.8341.512131.254
    966Flag of Czech RepublicRadek URBÁNECKawasaki1:22.8391.517131.2413
    1017Flag of PortugalEduardo PAULAKawasaki1:23.2901.968130.538
    116Flag of SpainÓscar SAINZDucati1:23.4652.143130.2610
    1249Flag of Czech RepublicJiří MRKÝVKAKawasaki1:24.2912.969128.9811
    138Flag of ItalyPaolo MALVINIDucati1:24.6183.296128.4814
    1426Flag of PortugalRui REIGOTOKawasaki1:25.6904.368126.8811
    1564Flag of PortugalJoão SANTOSDucati1:26.5995.277125.5411
    169Flag of SwitzerlandAlain SCHORDERETHonda1:27.1325.810124.7813
    1767Flag of SpainMario DEL REYDucati1:27.8796.557123.7218
    1850Flag of PortugalPaulo João BARBOSASuzuki1:28.4147.092122.9711
    1933Flag of Great BritainMark JACKSONHonda1:32.62611.304117.3811

    Official results/ Official FIM points table/ 1996⁠-⁠06⁠-⁠16 RTP2 live TV coverage/ El Mundo Deportivo 1996⁠-⁠06⁠-⁠17 pg43/ Motosprint 1996⁠-⁠25 pg42