1996-03-30 to 1996-03-31

MCN British Superbike Championship

Donington Park (Permanent circuit, 4.0230 km)
Attendance: 12,500
Entries: 40 / Practised: 38 / Qualified: 33

Map of Donington Park circuit.

Qualifying 2

Scheduled duration: 30 mins
Started: ? / Classified: 37

Scheduled start time: 15:40
Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
17Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDucati1:36.11150.6913
230Flag of Great BritainNiall MACKENZIEYamaha1:37.311.20148.8310
322Flag of Great BritainIan SIMPSONDucati1:37.501.39148.5413
41Flag of Great BritainSteve HISLOPKawasaki1:37.551.44148.4714
53Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAMYamaha1:38.011.90147.7714
610Flag of Great BritainDean ASHTONDucati1:38.622.51146.858
74Flag of Great BritainMichael RUTTERDucati1:39.002.89146.2910
82Flag of Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYNKawasaki1:39.002.89146.2913
940Flag of New ZealandRobert HOLDENDucati1:39.513.40145.545
1023Flag of Great BritainShaun MUIRKawasaki1:39.673.56145.3114
1157Flag of Great BritainGraham WARDDucati1:39.713.60145.2512
1221Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIEDucati1:39.763.65145.1810
139Flag of Great BritainDavid JEFFERIESHonda1:40.013.90144.8112
1417Flag of Great BritainRay STRINGERKawasaki1:40.504.39144.119
1577Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONKawasaki1:41.285.17143.0013
16252Flag of Great BritainPeter GRAVESDucati1:41.885.77142.1613
1715Flag of Great BritainRichard DEFAGOKawasaki1:42.136.02141.8113
1816Flag of Great BritainMichael BROWNKawasaki1:42.196.08141.7211
1911Flag of Great BritainAndy HATTONDucati1:42.426.31141.414
2035Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha1:42.476.36141.3416
2112Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAMYamaha1:42.566.45141.2113
2256Flag of Great BritainAndy WARDDucati1:43.357.24140.1316
2339Flag of Great BritainJames BUNTONYamaha1:43.497.38139.9415
2436Flag of Great BritainSteve ELLISKawasaki1:44.118.00139.1111
2569Flag of Great BritainMark COLEINGKawasaki1:44.468.35138.6414
2647Flag of Great BritainAlexander KVINTASKawasaki1:44.608.49138.468
2720Flag of Great BritainJim HODSONKawasaki1:44.688.57138.3511
2845Flag of Great BritainMike EDWARDSHonda1:44.928.81138.042
2927Flag of Great BritainSteve MARKSKawasaki1:45.699.58137.038
3034Flag of Great BritainJohn BENNETTKawasaki1:45.879.76136.8010
3126Flag of Great BritainPaul DENNINGSuzuki1:46.8310.72135.575
3224Flag of Great BritainPaul JONESYamaha1:47.1911.08135.1116
3325Flag of Great BritainIan COBBYSuzuki1:47.3411.23134.929
3429Flag of Great BritainBob CRABTREEKawasaki1:47.3811.27134.875
3533Flag of Great BritainKarl WILSONKawasaki1:47.5911.48134.6116
3638Flag of Great BritainColin HIPWELLKawasaki1:48.4612.35133.5312
3728Flag of Great BritainJon WARDDucati1:48.6612.55133.2914
-8Flag of Great BritainChris WALKERDucati--.---

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