1996-04-06 to 1996-04-08

MCN British Superbike Championship

Thruxton (Permanent circuit, 3.7913 km)
Entries: 28 / Practised: ? / Qualified: 24


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  • 6 Apr, Sat
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  • 8 Apr, Mon
  • No results.Warm-Up
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  • Overall qualifying

    130Great BritainNiall MACKENZIEYamaha1:19.670171.32
    23Great BritainJames WHITHAMYamaha1:20.030170.54
    321Great BritainJim MOODIEDucati1:20.250170.08
    41Great BritainSteve HISLOPKawasaki1:20.440169.68
    522Great BritainIan SIMPSONDucati1:20.460169.63
    657Great BritainGraham WARDDucati1:21.020168.46
    717Great BritainRay STRINGERKawasaki1:21.070168.36
    84Great BritainMichael RUTTERDucati1:21.100168.29
    98Great BritainChris WALKERDucati1:21.560167.35
    102Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYNKawasaki1:21.600167.26
    119Great BritainDavid JEFFERIESHonda1:21.690167.08
    1210Great BritainDean ASHTONDucati1:22.150166.14
    1377Great BritainBrett SAMPSONKawasaki1:22.170166.10
    1444Great BritainTom KNIGHTDucati1:22.520165.40
    1511Great BritainAndy HATTONDucati1:23.560163.34
    1612Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAMYamaha1:23.770162.93
    1756Great BritainAndy WARDDucati?
    1840Great BritainGavin LEEKawasaki?
    1925Great BritainIan COBBYSuzuki?
    2035Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha?
    2120Great BritainJim HODSONKawasaki?
    2223Great BritainShaun MUIRKawasaki?
    23252Great BritainPeter GRAVESDucati?
    247Great BritainTerry RYMERDucati--.---

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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