1996-04-26 to 1996-04-28

SUGO Superbike Race

Sugo (Permanent circuit, 3.7375 km)
Attendance: 12,600
Entries: 53 / Practised: 48 / Qualified: 40

Map of Sugo circuit.


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  • 27 Apr, Sat
  • Results are available.Qualifying 1 - Group B
  • Results are available.Qualifying 1 - Group A
  • No results.Qualifying 2 - Group B
  • No results.Qualifying 2 - Group A
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  • 28 Apr, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Final
  • Qualifying 1 - Group A

    Scheduled duration: 20 mins
    Started: 23 / Classified: 23

    Scheduled start time: 10:30
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    110Flag of JapanNoriyuki HAGAYamaha1:31.913146.39912
    26Flag of JapanAkira YANAGAWAKawasaki1:32.5410.628145.40311
    31Flag of JapanTakuma AOKIHonda1:32.8470.934144.921011
    48Flag of JapanYukio NUKUMIDucati1:33.1981.285144.37411
    514Flag of JapanRyuji TSURUTAKawasaki1:33.8571.944143.36911
    619Flag of JapanTamaki SERIZAWASuzuki1:33.9111.998143.271212
    726Flag of JapanMichio IZUMIHonda1:34.4042.491142.53512
    816Flag of JapanTomohiko KANEYASUHonda1:34.6062.693142.22910
    975Flag of JapanYukihiro AOYANAGIYamaha1:35.5003.587140.89613
    1047Flag of JapanKiyokazu SATOHonda1:36.3734.460139.61410
    1150Flag of JapanIzumi MATSUBARAKawasaki1:36.3914.478139.591012
    1244Flag of JapanTakahiro FUKAMIYamaha1:36.5734.660139.32910
    1365Flag of JapanMasaaki TSUKAMOTOHonda1:36.9215.008138.82711
    1477Flag of JapanHitoshi TANIGUCHIYamaha1:37.1275.214138.53712
    1556Flag of JapanKen'ichi YANAGIKawasaki1:37.3405.427138.231112
    1654Flag of JapanHirotada NISHIDAHonda1:37.4755.562138.04510
    1752Flag of JapanYasuhiro ONODERADucati1:37.5805.667137.89612
    1835Flag of JapanHidemi ASHINAHonda1:38.1536.240137.081012
    1961Flag of JapanEiji SASAKISuzuki1:38.3376.424136.831112
    2079Flag of JapanKatsuya WATANABEHonda1:40.5938.680133.76411
    2158Flag of JapanKeiichi NAKAZAWAKawasaki1:40.8488.935133.421010
    223Flag of JapanKatsuaki FUJIWARASuzuki1:35.0703.157141.5322
    2341Flag of JapanTakahiro SOHWADucati1:35.1793.266141.3722

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