1997-04-19 to 1997-04-20

International Pro-Superbike Championship

Zweibrücken (Airfield circuit, 4.3500 km)
Attendance: 10,000
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 30

Map of Zweibrücken circuit.


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  • 19 Apr, Sat
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  • 20 Apr, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    16Flag of SwitzerlandRoger KELLENBERGERHonda1:27.415179.15
    23Flag of GermanyMichael RUDROFFSuzuki1:27.495178.98
    31Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMYamaha1:27.520178.93
    413Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUDucati1:27.527178.92
    511Flag of SpainGregorio LAVILLADucati?
    62Flag of GermanyJochen SCHMIDKawasaki?
    732Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLISKawasaki?
    817Flag of GermanyUdo MARKSuzuki?
    912Flag of ItalyAndrea MAZZALIDucati?
    108Flag of SwedenPeter LINDÉNKawasaki?
    1131Flag of GermanyRobert HÜBERKawasaki?
    127Flag of GermanyFritz EINBERGERYamaha?
    1316Flag of GermanyWolfgang KIPPKawasaki?
    1449Flag of GermanyThomas KLINKHonda?
    1520Flag of GermanyHarry FATHDucati?
    1623Flag of SwitzerlandPaul LEUTHARDKawasaki?
    1725Flag of GermanyLothar KRAUSKawasaki?
    1818Flag of GermanyUwe POLLHEIDEKawasaki?
    1914Flag of HungaryJános VÉGHYamaha?
    2024Flag of GermanyHeinz PLATACISKawasaki?
    2122Flag of GermanyWerner DIMPERLDucati?
    2215Flag of GermanyMichael TRÄNKLEINDucati?
    2330Flag of GermanyRichard HEINRICHMEYERDucati?
    2466Flag of GermanyJörg VON MINNIGERODEKawasaki?
    2521Flag of GermanyMarcel MENDELYamaha?
    2619Flag of GermanyJarno BURKHARDTSuzuki?
    2771Flag of SwitzerlandBeat NEFKawasaki?
    2833Flag of SwedenPeter SÖDERHOLMKawasaki?
    2927Flag of GermanyRalf ALTZSCHNERDucati?
    3075Flag of GermanyMartin GREINYamaha?

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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