1997-05-30 to 1997-06-01

International Pro-Superbike Championship

Sachsenring (Permanent circuit, 3.6000 km)
Attendance: 70,000
Entries: 38 / Practised: ? / Qualified: 32


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  • 30 May, Fri
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  • 31 May, Sat
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  • 1 Jun, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    11Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMYamaha?
    234Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISONSuzuki?
    33Flag of GermanyMichael RUDROFFSuzuki?
    42Flag of GermanyJochen SCHMIDKawasaki?
    517Flag of GermanyUdo MARKSuzuki1:36.630134.12
    66Flag of SwitzerlandRoger KELLENBERGERHonda1:36.730133.98
    713Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUDucati1:36.970133.65
    811Flag of SpainGregorio LAVILLADucati1:37.670132.69
    932Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLISKawasaki1:38.100132.11
    1022Flag of GermanyWerner DIMPERLDucati1:39.290130.53
    1149Flag of GermanyThomas KLINKHonda1:39.550130.19
    1223Flag of SwitzerlandPaul LEUTHARDKawasaki1:40.230129.30
    1312Flag of ItalyAndrea MAZZALIDucati1:40.250129.28
    1431Flag of GermanyRobert HÜBERKawasaki1:40.280129.24
    1520Flag of GermanyHarry FATHDucati1:40.720128.67
    168Flag of SwedenPeter LINDÉNKawasaki1:40.990128.33
    1724Flag of GermanyHeinz PLATACISKawasaki1:41.050128.25
    1836Flag of GermanyHarald KITSCHKawasaki1:41.130128.15
    197Flag of GermanyFritz EINBERGERYamaha1:41.320127.91
    2030Flag of GermanyRichard HEINRICHMEYERDucati1:41.460127.74
    2150Flag of GermanyGerhard GILLESSuzuki1:41.970127.10
    2218Flag of GermanyUwe POLLHEIDEKawasaki1:41.980127.08
    2346Flag of HungaryJános VÉGHYamaha1:42.510126.43
    2442Flag of GermanyFrank HEIDGERKawasaki1:42.880125.97
    2514Flag of GermanyJörg SCHMIDTSuzuki1:43.280125.48
    2626Flag of GermanyBernd CASPERSDucati1:43.530125.18
    2766Flag of GermanyJörg VON MINNIGERODEKawasaki1:44.520124.00
    2819Flag of GermanyJarno BURKHARDTSuzuki1:45.760122.54
    2927Flag of GermanyRalf ALTZSCHNERDucati1:45.770122.53
    3043Flag of GermanyMatthias BOLDTSuzuki1:45.910122.37
    3171Flag of SwitzerlandBeat NEFKawasaki1:46.120122.13
    3245Flag of AustriaOssi NIEDERKIRCHERSuzuki1:47.370120.70
    3341Flag of SwedenBo GRANATHYamaha1:50.440117.35

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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