1998-10-03 to 1998-10-04

Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft für Superbike

Hungaroring (Permanent circuit, 3.9680 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 27 / Qualified: 27

Map of Hungaroring circuit.


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  • 3 Oct, Sat
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  • 4 Oct, Sun
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  • Qualifying 2

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: ? / Classified: 27

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    Weather: ? / Track: ?

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    146Flag of HungaryJános VÉGHYamaha1:48.97131.09
    24Flag of SloveniaMarjan MALECKawasaki1:49.300.33130.69
    337Flag of AustriaChristian ZAISERHonda1:49.860.89130.03
    447Flag of AustriaJohann WOLFSTEINERKawasaki1:49.940.97129.93
    51Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERERKawasaki1:50.101.13129.74
    616Flag of SloveniaBerto CAMLEKYamaha1:50.811.84128.91
    738Flag of GermanyJulius ILMBERGERDucati1:50.992.02128.70
    853Flag of SlovakiaVladimír KARBANSuzuki1:51.472.50128.15
    945Flag of GermanyMartin KRATZERDucati1:52.143.17127.38
    1033Flag of SlovakiaPavol SILARDKawasaki1:52.533.56126.94
    115Flag of SlovakiaMiloš BALÁŽ MAD'ARADucati1:52.743.77126.71
    126Flag of Czech RepublicJindřich HUDEČEKDucati1:53.334.36126.05
    1331Flag of SloveniaBoris HERCIGONJAKawasaki1:54.175.20125.12
    1412Flag of Czech RepublicVitézslav BICANHonda1:54.825.85124.41
    159Flag of AustriaAli GUETTOUCHEKawasaki1:55.186.21124.02
    1610Flag of Czech RepublicDalibor BOČEKHonda1:57.038.06122.06
    1713Flag of Czech RepublicJiří TRČKADucati1:57.508.53121.57
    1876Flag of AustriaErnst SCHULLERKawasaki1:57.778.80121.29
    1966Flag of HungaryGyörgy LŐRINCZHonda1:57.848.87121.22
    2011Flag of AustriaRoland SCHRANGLKawasaki1:58.279.30120.78
    2115Flag of Czech RepublicKarel CAESARDucati1:58.449.47120.61
    2273Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGERSuzuki1:58.899.92120.15
    2319Flag of HungaryAttila BARABÁSSuzuki2:00.0511.08118.99
    2458Flag of Czech RepublicPetr SCHULZKawasaki2:00.6611.69118.39
    2550Flag of Czech RepublicPavel SCHWARZHonda2:02.5413.57116.57
    2664Flag of SloveniaDarko KATRAŠNIKSuzuki2:02.8713.90116.26
    272Flag of HungaryIstván CSENDESSuzuki2:04.8515.88114.42

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