1998-10-30 to 1998-11-01

The 35th MFJ Grand Prix/TBC International Superbike Race

Sugo (Permanent circuit, 3.7375 km)
Attendance: 36,800
Entries: 55 / Practised: ? / Qualified: 40

Map of Sugo circuit.


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  • 29 Oct, Thu
  • No results.Free Practice
  • 30 Oct, Fri
  • No results.Free Practice 1
  • No results.Free Practice 2
  • 31 Oct, Sat
  • Results are available.Qualifying 1 - Group A
  • Results are available.Qualifying 1 - Group B
  • No results.Qualifying 2 - Group A
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  • Qualifying times available.Overall qualifying
  • 1 Nov, Sun
  • Results are available.Warm-Up
  • Results are available.Final
  • Overall qualifying

    1111Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTHonda1:29.888149.69
    202Flag of JapanTadayuki OKADAHonda1:30.036149.44
    31Flag of JapanNoriyuki HAGAYamaha1:30.137149.27
    401Flag of AustraliaMichael DOOHANHonda1:30.433148.78
    59Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWASuzuki1:30.562148.57
    66Flag of JapanAkira RYOSuzuki1:30.619148.48
    705Flag of USAColin EDWARDSHonda1:30.644148.44
    85Flag of JapanShin'ichi ITOHonda1:30.710148.33
    98Flag of JapanTamaki SERIZAWAKawasaki1:30.827148.14
    107Flag of JapanShin'ya TAKEISHIKawasaki1:30.836148.12
    114Flag of JapanWataru YOSHIKAWAYamaha1:30.854148.09
    1212Flag of JapanHitoyasu IZUTSUKawasaki1:31.073147.74
    133Flag of JapanYuichi TAKEDAHonda1:31.135147.64
    1403Flag of JapanAkira YANAGAWAKawasaki1:31.205147.52
    1598Flag of JapanAtsushi WATANABESuzuki1:31.428147.16
    1613Flag of JapanManabu KAMADAHonda1:31.559146.95
    1745Flag of JapanToshiyuki HAMAGUCHISuzuki1:31.705146.72
    1819Flag of JapanOsamu NISHIJIMAKawasaki1:33.000144.68
    1930Flag of JapanTakuma YAMAMOTOKawasaki1:33.227144.33
    2044Flag of JapanYoshinobu TAKAHASHIHonda1:33.292144.22
    2116Flag of JapanKatsunori HASEGAWAYamaha1:33.545143.83
    22916Flag of JapanIchiro ASAIDucati1:33.639143.69
    2321Flag of JapanTomohiko KANEYASUHonda1:33.787143.46
    2455Flag of JapanYoshihiko TAKATSUTOHonda1:33.802143.44
    2517Flag of JapanYuji HARAGUCHIHonda1:33.952143.21
    2648Flag of JapanTakayuki SUZUKIHonda1:34.183142.86
    2770Flag of JapanYusuke TAKEYAMAYamaha1:34.205142.83
    2853Flag of JapanNaoji YAMAZAKIKawasaki1:34.211142.82
    2929Flag of JapanIsami HIGASHIMURAKawasaki1:34.322142.65
    3024Flag of JapanYukihiro AOYANAGIYamaha1:34.807141.92
    3157Flag of JapanTakashi MIURAYamaha1:34.815141.91
    3285S-NKFlag of JapanTakashi TODAYamaha1:34.838141.87
    3372Flag of JapanNaoshi NAKAGAWAHonda1:35.001141.63
    3461Flag of JapanHideaki HOSHIDucati1:35.166141.38
    3538Flag of JapanKen'ichiro NAKAMURAHonda1:35.180141.36
    3652Flag of JapanMakoto USUIYamaha1:35.390141.05
    3788Flag of JapanKen'ichiro IWAHASHIHonda1:35.477140.92
    3831Flag of JapanHideo SENMYOHonda1:35.480140.92
    3975S-NKFlag of JapanMakoto TOKINAGAYamaha1:35.643140.68
    4063Flag of JapanRyuichi OSAKISuzuki1:35.717140.57
    4134Flag of JapanTakahiro FUKAMIYamaha?
    56Flag of JapanHitoshi TANIGUCHIYamaha1:35.848140.38
    71Flag of JapanKatsuhito KOSHIYAMAHonda1:36.069140.06
    47S-NKFlag of JapanYasuhiko GORIKUYamaha1:36.749139.07
    58Flag of JapanMasayasu MAKITAHonda1:39.759134.88
    43Flag of JapanYasuhiro ONODERADucati--.---
    59Flag of JapanKatsuya WATANABEHonda--.---
    46Flag of JapanAtsushi YOSHIHIROHonda--.---

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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