1999-06-12 to 1999-06-13

Autoturist Czech Open 99

České Budějovice (Airfield circuit, 3.2000 km)
Entries: 32 / Practised: 19 / Qualified: 19

Map of České Budějovice circuit.


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  • 12 Jun, Sat
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  • 13 Jun, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    17Flag of Czech RepublicMichal BURSAKawasaki1:19.668144.60
    22Flag of Czech RepublicOndřej LELEKHonda1:21.756140.91
    35Flag of Czech RepublicTomáš FOUKALYamaha1:22.477139.68
    468Flag of GermanyKlaus-Peter DOMKEHonda1:23.468138.02
    527Flag of GermanyFrank KRIEBELHonda1:24.426136.45
    688Flag of Czech RepublicPetr SCHULZSuzuki1:24.716135.98
    712Flag of Czech RepublicMartin MARKALOUSHonda1:24.840135.79
    877Flag of Czech RepublicMartin ZÖRKLERKawasaki1:24.942135.62
    91Flag of Czech RepublicPavel SCHWARZHonda1:25.273135.10
    108Flag of Czech RepublicKarel HUSÁKDucati1:25.643134.51
    1186Flag of Czech RepublicJan BALÁŽKawasaki1:25.990133.97
    1213Flag of Czech RepublicJiří TRČKADucati1:26.501133.18
    1319Flag of Czech RepublicBohumil ŠAROCHKawasaki1:26.534133.13
    149Flag of Czech RepublicMilan MACHSuzuki1:27.488131.68
    1514Flag of Czech RepublicJiří PRZYWARAYamaha1:27.925131.02
    1610Flag of Czech RepublicMilan JANEČEKSuzuki1:28.293130.47
    1751Flag of Czech RepublicJaroslav SUCHÁNEKHonda1:28.503130.17
    1815Flag of Czech RepublicDaniel KREJČÍDucati1:32.959123.93
    1943Flag of Czech RepublicMarek NĔMEČEKSuzuki1:34.264122.21

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


    Official entry list/ Official timetable/ Official programme/ Česká a slovenská motocyklová silnice 1993⁠-⁠2007 pg177/ Infoservis Retro Moto 90 1999