1999-06-18 to 1999-06-20

MCN British Superbike Championship Rounds 11 & 12

Silverstone (Natl.) (Permanent circuit, 3.6240 km)
Entries: 31 / Practised: 24 / Qualified: 23

Map of Silverstone (Natl.) circuit.


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  • 18 Jun, Fri
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  • 19 Jun, Sat
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  • 20 Jun, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    132Flag of AustraliaTroy BAYLISSDucati1:22.1591:21.9941:21.994159.11
    225Flag of Great BritainNeil HODGSONDucati1:22.6131:22.2311:22.231158.66
    34Flag of Great BritainJohn REYNOLDSDucati1:22.6611:22.3801:22.380158.37
    48Flag of Great BritainJames HAYDONSuzuki1:22.6851:22.4151:22.415158.30
    52Flag of Great BritainChris WALKERKawasaki1:22.4701:22.4701:22.470158.20
    67Flag of Great BritainSean EMMETTDucati1:22.9381:23.4891:22.938157.30
    796PFlag of AustraliaPaul YOUNGYamaha1:23.6431:22.9851:22.985157.21
    833Flag of AustraliaMartin CRAGGILLSuzuki1:23.0441:23.4241:23.044157.10
    91Flag of Great BritainNiall MACKENZIEYamaha1:23.6221:23.2101:23.210156.79
    103Flag of Great BritainSteve HISLOPKawasaki1:24.1951:23.4821:23.482156.28
    1150Flag of Great BritainShane BYRNEKawasaki1:24.4711:24.6211:24.471154.45
    126PFlag of Great BritainDave HEALKawasaki1:25.5031:25.0151:25.015153.46
    1377PFlag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONYamaha1:26.6481:26.0241:26.024151.66
    149PFlag of Great BritainDave WOODKawasaki1:27.0371:26.4201:26.420150.97
    1514PFlag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha1:27.7911:27.4691:27.469149.15
    1619PFlag of Great BritainSteve MARKSYamaha1:28.8641:27.6951:27.695148.77
    1713PFlag of Great BritainDan HARRISYamaha1:28.4881:27.7061:27.706148.75
    1824PFlag of Great BritainPaul JONESKawasaki1:28.1831:27.8381:27.838148.53
    1930PFlag of Great BritainLee HUMPHRIESKawasaki1:27.9211:28.1041:27.921148.39
    2018PFlag of Great BritainDean ASHTONYamaha1:28.3571:28.357147.66
    2117PFlag of Great BritainDave REDGATEKawasaki1:29.2361:28.5121:28.512147.40
    2235PFlag of Great BritainJohn CROCKFORDSuzuki1:28.8501:29.3091:28.850146.84
    2315PFlag of Great BritainDamion BAILEYSuzuki1:31.9091:29.9501:29.950145.04
    (24)31PFlag of Great BritainNicol ROBBYamaha1:32.0361:31.6701:31.670142.32
    27PFlag of Great BritainRoger SMITHYamaha--.---

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.

    Rider notes

    #27 Smith: Practised only.


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