1995 Championnat de Belgique des Superbikes

With superbikes now deemed unsuitable for most of Belgium's circuits many riders saw no point in racing them and only a dozen riders would appear over the course of the year. The obvious standout of this small field was Alain Kempener who won every race he finished; although he only scored three times it was enough to beat Dirk Spriet and Louis Wuyts - the only other riders who showed up for more than three races. Superbike racing in Belgium was almost non-existent for most of 1995 and the end was near for this once-unique championship.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1995-05-281France Magny-CoursFMS no. 5 Magny-CoursGO!
1995-06-182France Croix-en-TernoisSnelheid te Croix-en-TernoisGO!
1995-06-253Belgium Chimay64eme Grand Prix des FrontièresGO!
1995-07-024France Le VigeantCS Val de VienneGO!
1995-07-30France Croix-en-TernoisCancelled due to only one Superbike rider participating.
1995-09-105Belgium Mettet1ere Coupes Sambre et MeuseGO!
1995-09-246Belgium Spa-FrancorchampsMoto Pulsion RAC TrophyGO!

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1995-05-28 Magny-Cours: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Race 2, Entry list

1995-06-18 Croix-en-Ternois: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1995-06-25 Chimay: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1995-07-02 Le Vigeant: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1995-09-10 Mettet: Qualifying 1, Entry list

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