1996 Suomen Mestaruus Superbike Champion/Wiseco

Reigning champion Erkka Korpiaho started his season strongly with a comfortable victory in the first race at Alastaro, but a major setback came in the form of a broken leg when his clutch failed at the start of race 2 and was collected by two following riders. Juha Berner won the restarted race and scored another win 3 weeks later while an injured Korpiaho still managed third place, and two more podium finishes kept him at the head of the standings even when Korpiaho was back to winning ways. Berner inherited another win in the penultimate race when Korpiaho's gear lever broke, and this was enough to secure him the title even though he suffered the same fate in the finale. Korpiaho won to claim second in the points, while Harri Maikola threw away his chance at the runner-up spot by crashing on oil and having to remount his Kawasaki to finish last.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1996-05-261Finland AlastaroAlastaro RoadracingGO!
1996-06-162Finland KemoraKemora Harjun AjotGO!
1996-07-133Finland MotoparkXXXII ImatranajoGO!
1996-07-214Finland BotniaringJurva RoadracingGO!
1996-08-115Finland MotoparkBike Weekend VirtasalmiGO!

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1996-05-26 Alastaro: Qualifying, Entry list

1996-06-16 Kemora: All sessions, Entry list

1996-07-21 Botniaring: All sessions, Entry list

1996-08-11 Motopark: Qualifying, Entry list

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