1996-06-15 to 1996-06-16

Suomen Mestaruus Roadracing

Kemora (Permanent circuit, 2.7230 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Kemora circuit.


  • 16 Jun, Sun
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    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 14 / Classified: 11

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    14Flag of FinlandJuha BERNERKawasaki1518:24.76133.101:12.629
    22Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLAKawasaki1518:27.322.56132.791:12.629
    31Flag of FinlandErkka KORPIAHOKawasaki1518:35.8611.10131.771:13.179
    47Flag of FinlandMauri Juhani TÖRMÄKawasaki1518:56.0931.33129.431:14.119
    514Flag of FinlandKari KANERVOKawasaki1518:56.6531.89129.361:14.874
    63Flag of FinlandBen NYMANKawasaki1518:56.8132.05129.351:14.207
    710Flag of FinlandTimo PAAVILAINENYamaha1518:57.2732.51129.291:14.656
    816Flag of FinlandHeikki HILTUNENHonda1519:31.861:07.10125.481:15.8410
    95Flag of FinlandRaimo KESSELIKawasaki1519:32.071:07.31125.451:15.844
    108Flag of FinlandPetri SOROLAYamaha1418:36.491 lap122.921:17.3113
    1117Flag of FinlandTero LYYTINENSuzuki1418:37.961 lap122.761:18.784
    RT12Flag of FinlandJanne KALLIOSuzuki9--.---Fuel pump1:15.006
    RT15Flag of FinlandJarmo SUOMINENKawasaki9--.------1:16.834
    RT11Flag of FinlandKari PIKKUSAARIKawasaki8--.------1:15.006
    Fastest lap4Flag of FinlandJuha BERNERKawasaki1:12.62 on lap 9134.99 km/h
    Fastest lap2Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLAKawasaki1:12.62 on lap 9134.99 km/h

    Official results/ Helsingin Sanomat 1996⁠-⁠06⁠-⁠20/ net⁠-⁠racing.sci.fi/ Photos by Harjukuvat