1998 Scandinavian Open Superbike Championship

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1998-05-171Denmark JyllandsringenScandinavian Open '98 - Round 1GO!
1998-06-282Finland AlastaroScandinavian Open '98 - Round 2GO!
1998-07-263Sweden KarlskogaScandinavian Open '98 - Round 3GO!
1998-08-234Norway VĂ„lerbanenScandinavian Open '98 - Round 4GO!
1998-09-135Sweden AnderstorpScandinavian Open '98 - Round 5GO!

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The following official data is currently missing:

1998-05-17 Jyllandsringen: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Warm-Up

1998-06-28 Alastaro: All sessions, Entry list

1998-07-26 Karlskoga: All sessions, Entry list

1998-08-23 VĂ„lerbanen: All sessions, Entry list

1998-09-13 Anderstorp: All sessions, Entry list

Copies of any of this information would be greatly appreciated. If you have any additional information about this season's races or riders, please contact me!