1998-05-16 to 1998-05-17

Scandinavian Open

Jyllandsringen (Permanent circuit, 1.4750 km)
Attendance: 3,000
Entries: 27 / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Jyllandsringen circuit.


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  • 16 May, Sat
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  • 17 May, Sun
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  • Race

    Scheduled duration: 25 laps
    Started: 25 / Classified: 17

    Scheduled start time: 16:15
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    17Flag of DenmarkRené PRANGYamaha2015:56.903110.980:47.2953
    21Flag of SwedenJörgen HÅLLINDERSuzuki2016:02.6245.721110.320:47.3041
    36Flag of NorwayOddgeir HAVNENHonda2016:04.2897.386110.130:47.4324
    43Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLAKawasaki2016:04.4227.519110.120:47.2522
    55Flag of SwedenAnders LILJASuzuki2016:12.54615.643109.200:47.905
    610Flag of SwedenPeter SÖDERHOLMKawasaki2016:14.96418.061108.930:47.9557
    716Flag of NorwayKnut Arne FÆRGESTADYamaha2016:22.34125.438108.110:47.885
    844Flag of SwedenPeter SKÖLDDucati2016:22.55125.648108.090:48.128
    953Flag of SwedenPeter BLOMGRENSuzuki2016:32.22335.320107.030:48.681
    1022Flag of DenmarkClaus WULFFYamaha2016:38.63141.728106.350:48.430
    1177Flag of DenmarkUlrik NIELSENYamaha2016:39.34042.437106.270:48.603
    1270Flag of FinlandTero LYYTINENSuzuki2016:40.16443.261106.180:48.994
    1312Flag of SwedenJan GREVENKawasaki1916:00.0251 lap105.090:49.072
    1421Flag of FinlandKai TIMONENSuzuki1916:14.8691 lap103.490:49.965
    1525Flag of NorwayOve MEISINGSETKawasaki1916:15.6311 lap103.410:49.918
    1656Flag of DenmarkLars HARTVIGSuzuki1916:32.3651 lap101.670:51.106
    1749Flag of DenmarkMorten B. HANSENKawasaki1916:33.0351 lap101.600:51.225
    RT71Flag of SwedenPeter GUSTAFSSONYamaha0--.---Accident9
    RT27Flag of DenmarkHugo ESKILDSENKawasaki0--.---Accident
    RT4Flag of DenmarkOle MADSENDucati0--.---Accident
    RT93Flag of SwedenAndre PERSSONSuzuki0--.------
    RT95Flag of SwedenTobias NYSTRÖMTriumph0--.------
    NR11Flag of SwedenStefan JOHANSSONKawasakiAccident8
    NR18Flag of DenmarkOle E. KRISTENSENYamahaAccident
    NR9Flag of FinlandMauri Juhani TÖRMÄKawasakiAccident
    Fastest lap3Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLAKawasaki0:47.252112.38 km/h

    Red-flagged due to pile-up on lap 1. Re-started over 20 laps following delays.

    Rider notes

    #11 Johansson, #18 Kristensen, #9 Törmä: Did not take part in re-start.


    Official results/ RACE 1998/14 pg4⁠-⁠6/ amk⁠-⁠historisk.dk/ freespeed.nu/ svemo.se