1990 Deutsche Strassenmeisterschaft

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Only riders in possession of a National A licence from the Oberste Motorradsport-Kommission are eligible for points.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of GermanySPEFlag of GermanySPEFlag of CzechoslovakiaMOSFlag of CzechoslovakiaMOSFlag of GermanyHOCFlag of GermanyHOCFlag of GermanyNURFlag of GermanyNURFlag of GermanyAUGFlag of GermanyAUGFlag of NetherlandsASSFlag of NetherlandsASSFlag of GermanyHOCFlag of GermanyHOC
1Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANN247020202017201020202020202020
2Flag of GermanyUdo MARK179-6817172017201717201717
3Flag of GermanyAnton HEILER165-82131515151711111510151513
4Flag of GermanyErnst GSCHWENDER129-118151711139815131711
5Flag of GermanyThomas FRANZ129-1181351315131513101161311
6Flag of SwitzerlandEdwin WEIBEL127-120131511139109131717
7Flag of GermanySven SEIDEL125-12211101110111013817915
8Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTO109-13871310711151511119
9Flag of GermanyManfred FISCHER100-14786668779846988
10Flag of GermanyWolfgang HAMBACH99-148993816889871310
11Flag of GermanyMichael RUDROFF48-19910756758
12Flag of GermanyMichael GALINSKI47-20010956107
13Flag of GermanyFrank SCHUCK43-2046545510143
14Flag of GermanyKlaus CASPERS37-2101479610
15Flag of GermanyBodo SCHMIDT36-211114975
16Flag of GermanyWolfgang MÖCKEL33-21422693614
17Flag of GermanyManfred KAISER31-21644312557
18Flag of GermanyDetlef KARTHIN26-221387323
19Flag of GermanyPeter WILLMES17-2307262
20Flag of GermanyLutz FAHR15-2323714
21Flag of GermanyWilliam JUNG13-23413324
22Flag of GermanyAnton GRUSCHKA12-235525
23Flag of GermanyHans-Jürgen GROSS11-236812
24Flag of GermanyHarry FATH11-236542
25Flag of GermanyLeonhard SCHILLER9-2381233
26Flag of GermanyHans GRATZL8-23926
27Flag of GermanyAlfons AMERSCHLÄGER6-24124
28Flag of GermanyThomas STOCKER5-2425
29Flag of GermanyRolf ALJES4-2434
30Flag of GermanyMario RUBATTO4-2434
31Flag of GermanyPeter AMMANN4-24331
32Flag of GermanyMartin TRÖSCH2-2452
33Flag of GermanyHans HAGELOCH2-24511
34Flag of GermanyHarald DIETERLE1-2461