1993 Campionato Italiano Superbike

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Only the 8 best scores (from 10 races) for each rider count towards their total.

Only riders in possession of a competition licence from the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, and whose motorcycles are homologated for FIM Superbike competition, are eligible for points.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyVALFlag of ItalyVALFlag of ItalyMUGFlag of ItalyMUGFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyVALFlag of ItalyVAL
1Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANO14001717171715172020
2Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPI124-161515131517151717
3Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTI105-3511(5)1111(9)910132020
4Flag of ItalyValerio DESTEFANIS90-501313109131517
5Flag of ItalyBaldassarre MONTI88-52202020208
6Flag of ItalyFabrizio FURLAN75-65111011111715
7Flag of ItalyCristiano MIGLIORATI68-72101110891010
8Flag of ItalyMassimo BROCCOLI58-8278776779
9Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARI54-8615131313
10Flag of USAFred MERKEL51-8910111515
11Flag of ItalyRoberto BIAGIOLI50-9048835688
12Flag of ItalyRomolo BALBI43-979104668
13Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPA40-1002020
14Flag of ItalyGerardo BLOISI26-114236555
15Flag of ItalyStefano CARACCHI24-1161311
16Flag of ItalyArmando IANNUZZO23-11732332244
17Flag of ItalyMarco BURNELLI20-120479
18Flag of ItalyFrancesco RANDAZZO19-121109
19Flag of ItalyAndrea MATTERA19-1215644
20Flag of ItalyBruno CIRAFICI18-12299
21Flag of ItalyEnzo CHIAPELLO14-12677
22Flag of ItalyPaolo BLORA13-12713
23Flag of ItalyEdy RUPELLI12-12866
24Flag of ItalyMauro MORONI11-12911
25Flag of ItalyLuca RUGGERI11-12956
26Flag of ItalyDavide MERLO10-13064
27Flag of ItalyCesare REMIA10-13055
28Flag of ItalyOscar LA FERLA8-1328
29Flag of ItalyIvo BELLEZZA8-1328
30Flag of ItalyStefano SPILLER8-13235
31Flag of ItalyMassimiliano COLOMBARI7-1337
32Flag of ItalyRoberto TENEGGI7-1337
33Flag of ItalyFabrizio VANNUCCHI7-13334
34Flag of ItalyMaurizio BAGLIONI4-1364
35Flag of ItalyMedardo MARRAS3-1373
36Flag of ItalyElio FAIT2-1382
37Flag of ItalyEnzo LUPPINO1-1391
38Flag of ItalyAdriano NARDUCCI1-1391
39Flag of ItalySergio MALAVASI1-1391