1994 H.E.A.T. British Supercup Championship

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of Great BritainDONFlag of Great BritainDONFlag of Great BritainMALFlag of Great BritainMALFlag of Great BritainSNEFlag of Great BritainSNEFlag of Great BritainDONFlag of Great BritainDONFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainKNOFlag of Great BritainKNOFlag of Great BritainPEMFlag of Great BritainPEMFlag of Great BritainCADFlag of Great BritainCADFlag of Great BritainBRAFlag of Great BritainBRAFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainBRAFlag of Great BritainBRA
1Flag of Great BritainIan SIMPSON31905111117172020202020172017172015172015
2Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIE287-321115171720201315111715611151717151520
3Flag of Great BritainPhil BORLEY284-3589151520171717151720172020202017
4Flag of Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYN211-10810131511131315131315111311151317
5Flag of Great BritainMichael RUTTER188-1311510131791111101010329913810810
6Flag of New ZealandAndrew STROUD145-1741578898118810101091113
7Flag of Great BritainDavid JEFFERIES136-1833699711131310313131358
8Flag of Great BritainPeter GRAVES116-2031410158810811696911
9Flag of Great BritainNick HOPKINS113-20663710118911958989
10Flag of Great BritainSteve HISLOP108-21113111713135151110
11Flag of Great BritainRay STRINGER106-213771598131515116
12Flag of Great BritainPhillip McCALLEN100-219228888244575778546
13Flag of Great BritainLee PULLAN70-24951365474676412
14Flag of Great BritainRoger BENNETT61-25891355666434
15Flag of IrelandMark FARMER60-2592020911
16Flag of New ZealandChristopher HALDANE59-260691079117
17Flag of Great BritainJames HAYDON57-26298102010
18Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAM48-2716677697
19Flag of Great BritainShaun MUIR41-27815415464533
20Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTY40-2792020
21Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAM34-2851717
22Flag of Great BritainRobert DUNLOP31-288471010
23Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATE30-289471232461
24Flag of Great BritainDean ASHTON29-290352165124
25Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAM20-29942113315
26Flag of Great BritainRon HASLAM19-300910
27Flag of Great BritainNeil HODGSON17-302710
28Flag of Great BritainJason GRIFFITHS17-302352313
29Flag of Great BritainColin BREEZE15-304115224
30Flag of Great BritainJohn BARTON13-306337
31Flag of Great BritainJames BUNTON12-3077122
32Flag of Great BritainPaul BROWN11-30847
33Flag of Great BritainSteve MANLEY10-30964
34Flag of Great BritainDave RAWLINS10-30955
35Flag of Great BritainGraham WARD9-3102322
36Flag of New ZealandRobert HOLDEN7-3127
37Flag of Great BritainPhilip WESTON7-31243
38Flag of Great BritainGeoff DIXON6-3136
39Flag of Great BritainAndrew CORBETT5-3145
40Flag of Great BritainPhil READ Jr.4-3154
41Flag of Great BritainColin HIPWELL4-31531
42Flag of Great BritainPhil NICHOLAS4-31513
43Flag of Great BritainTom KNIGHT3-3163
44Flag of Great BritainTom CUDDY3-3163
45Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSON3-31621
46Flag of Great BritainRichard DEFAGO3-31621
47Flag of Great BritainJohn BENNETT2-3172
48Flag of Great BritainGraeme RITCHIE2-3172
49Flag of Great BritainBob CRABTREE1-3181
50Flag of Great BritainNick JEFFERIES1-3181
51Flag of Great BritainLee HUMPHRIES1-3181