1995 Shell Advance International Superbike Trophy

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 15; 2nd: 12; 3rd: 10; 4th: 8; 5th: 6; 6th: 5; 7th: 4; 8th: 3; 9th: 2; 10th: 1.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of Great BritainBRAFlag of Great BritainBRAFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainOULFlag of Great BritainDONFlag of Great BritainDON
1Flag of Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYN5801010121268
2Flag of Great BritainSteve HISLOP49-912121015
3Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAM45-13151515
4Flag of Great BritainMichael RUTTER40-186861010
5Flag of Great BritainRay STRINGER31-2786836
6Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHT30-281515
7Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIE25-335488
8Flag of New ZealandSimon CRAFAR24-341212
9Flag of Great BritainDean ASHTON14-44554
10Flag of Great BritainChris WALKER10-4810
11Flag of Great BritainPaul BROWN9-4936
12Flag of Great BritainIan SIMPSON9-4945
13Flag of Great BritainRon HASLAM9-4945
14Flag of Great BritainShaun MUIR9-49234
15Flag of Great BritainJason EMMETT6-52123
16Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAM6-52123
17Flag of Great BritainPhil BORLEY5-5332
18Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISON4-544(5)
19Flag of Great BritainLee PULLAN2-562
20Flag of Great BritainAndy HATTON2-562
21Flag of Great BritainPeter GRAVES1-571
22Flag of Great BritainDave HEAL1-571
23Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATE1-571
24Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAM1-571