1990 FIM Diesel Jeans Superbike World Championship

Between March 18 and November 18 1990, 214 riders competed in 26 races on 13 circuits.

Race summary

Key: E = total entries / P = total riders who practised / Q = total qualifiers / S = total starters / C = total classified finishers.

DateCircuitWinnerEPQSCConditionsDistanceAvg. KMH
1990-03-18 JerezFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati4139363627Cloudy / Dry92.80 km133.23 km/h
1990-03-18 JerezFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati4139363421Sunny / Dry92.80 km133.86 km/h
1990-04-16 Donington ParkFlag of USA Fred MERKEL / Honda5942403927Cloudy / Dry100.58 km144.45 km/h
1990-04-16 Donington ParkFlag of Italy Giancarlo FALAPPA / Ducati5942403424Cloudy / Dry100.58 km144.68 km/h
1990-04-30 HungaroringFlag of USA Fred MERKEL / Honda36363629Sunny / Dry99.20 km129.38 km/h
1990-04-30 HungaroringFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati36363427Cloudy / Dry99.20 km130.42 km/h
1990-05-06 HockenheimFlag of USA Fred MERKEL / Honda50363625Sunny / Dry95.04 km188.78 km/h
1990-05-06 HockenheimFlag of Belgium Stéphane MERTENS / Honda50363324Sunny / Dry95.04 km189.04 km/h
1990-06-03 MosportFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati4332292822Overcast / Dry98.93 km162.42 km/h
1990-06-03 MosportFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati4332292521Cloudy / Dry98.93 km163.96 km/h
1990-06-10 BrainerdFlag of Belgium Stéphane MERTENS / Honda27272721Cloudy / Dry99.78 km172.37 km/h
1990-06-10 BrainerdFlag of USA Doug CHANDLER / Kawasaki27272517Sunny / Dry99.78 km169.72 km/h
1990-07-01 ÖsterreichringFlag of Italy Fabrizio PIROVANO / Yamaha6346363625Overcast / Wet93.65 km151.76 km/h
1990-07-01 ÖsterreichringFlag of Belgium Stéphane MERTENS / Honda6346363428Sunny / Dry93.65 km182.14 km/h
1990-08-26 SugoFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati36363630Sunny / Dry71.01 km139.61 km/h
1990-08-26 SugoFlag of USA Doug CHANDLER / Kawasaki36363328Cloudy / Dry89.70 km140.28 km/h
1990-09-09 Le MansFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati42363222Overcast / Dry93.03 km148.32 km/h
1990-09-09 Le MansFlag of France Raymond ROCHE / Ducati42363326Sunny / Dry93.03 km148.26 km/h
1990-10-07 MonzaFlag of Italy Fabrizio PIROVANO / Yamaha38363522Overcast / Wet98.60 km168.00 km/h
1990-10-07 MonzaFlag of Italy Fabrizio PIROVANO / Yamaha38363427Overcast / Drying98.60 km175.57 km/h
1990-11-04 Shah AlamFlag of Italy Fabrizio PIROVANO / Yamaha2925242418Overcast / Dry91.13 km139.92 km/h
1990-11-04 Shah AlamFlag of Italy Fabrizio PIROVANO / Yamaha2925242419Cloudy / Dry80.62 km140.14 km/h
1990-11-11 Phillip IslandFlag of Australia Peter GODDARD / Yamaha34343121Cloudy / Dry97.90 km159.42 km/h
1990-11-11 Phillip IslandFlag of Australia Rob PHILLIS / Kawasaki34343022Sunny / Dry97.90 km159.85 km/h
1990-11-18 ManfeildFlag of Great Britain Terry RYMER / Yamaha3724232117Cloudy / Dry108.99 km161.92 km/h
1990-11-18 ManfeildFlag of Australia Rob PHILLIS / Kawasaki3724232015Overcast / Dry108.99 km161.44 km/h

Rider statistics

Key: R = total races started / W = total wins / P = total podiums / PP = total pole positions / RT = total retirements / BF = best finish pos. / AF = average finish pos. / AP = average points scored per race / Fin. % = percentage of races finished / TL = total laps completed / BG = best grid position / AG = average grid position.

Flag of USA Adamo, James22RT0.00 %262222
Flag of Malaysia Adi Haslam, Cletus21181850.00 %271818
Flag of Spain Amatriaín Vila, Daniel28.001019132.8090.00 %1951820
Flag of Sweden Andersson, Anders120.002674104.6273.08 %4951015
Flag of Japan Aoki, Masanao21618100.00 %432020
Flag of Spain Arenas de Sorarrain, Xavier82162275.00 %1372329
Flag of Australia Arnold, Mark21920100.00 %433131
Flag of USA Ashmead, John11616100.00 %202121
Flag of Italy Balbi, Romolo21181850.00 %263131
Flag of Portugal Baptista, Pedro22124100.00 %423636
Flag of Australia Beattie, Daryl13.0032444.3333.33 %6248
Flag of Italy Biliotti, Fabio4.00212162.00100.00 %342929
Flag of New Zealand Billett, Brian5.00213142.50100.00 %661919
Flag of Australia Blair, Matthew22RT0.00 %271616
Flag of Australia Bongers, Rene22.0041695.5075.00 %9238
Flag of France Bonhuil, Bruno2.0016615190.1362.50 %2761826
Flag of Italy Bontempi, Piergiorgio11RT0.00 %22929
Flag of Switzerland Bosshard, Adrian5.00213142.50100.00 %342222
Flag of Australia Bubb, Michael21181850.00 %342121
Flag of Great Britain Buckmaster, Simon41722100.00 %882227
Flag of Great Britain Burnett, Roger54212120.00 %401215
Flag of Australia Campbell, Malcolm81.0010212278.1080.00 %20018
Flag of Italy Caracchi, Stefano17.001059131.7050.00 %1471118
Flag of Great Britain Chambers, Steve21818100.00 %502323
Flag of USA Chandler, Doug70.0042411217.50100.00 %8311
Flag of Malaysia Chao, Kit Choong22728100.00 %413535
Flag of Thailand Choeisak, Saen1.004115240.2575.00 %722328
Flag of Canada Clarke, Linnley21181850.00 %382323
Flag of France Coq, Maurice1.00215160.50100.00 %422525
Flag of Canada Cornwell, Jon11RT0.00 %31717
Flag of New Zealand Crafar, Simon6.00213133.00100.00 %492121
Flag of Australia Craggill, Martin11RT0.00 %12424
Flag of New Zealand Curtis, Brent3.00214151.50100.00 %651818
Flag of Austria Dauer, Karl21920100.00 %333232
Flag of Netherlands de Vries, Jeffry24.0012110142.0091.67 %2371317
Flag of Belgium Delaby, René7.0020513180.3575.00 %3541924
Flag of France Delétang, Jean-Marc21171750.00 %273333
Flag of Australia Doohan, Scott19.002679.50100.00 %4477
Flag of Canada Douglas, Tom21181850.00 %382121
Flag of Australia Dowson, Michael30.00413107.50100.00 %9126
Flag of Canada Duhamel, Miguel5.00212142.50100.00 %501111
Flag of Italy Fabbri, Marino21252550.00 %402828
Flag of Germany Fahr, Lutz42224100.00 %592932
Flag of Italy Falappa, Giancarlo94.00913221410.4477.78 %17212
Flag of Germany Fischer, Manfred41222475.00 %662430
Flag of Australia Fissenden, Mark4.00413181.00100.00 %1022025
Flag of Great Britain Fogarty, Carl30.0062695.0066.67 %110913
Flag of Germany Galinski, Michael1.006215170.1766.67 %1151620
Flag of Spain García Moreno, Antonio41620100.00 %762631
Flag of Australia Goddard, Peter85.0061311414.17100.00 %13613
Flag of Sweden Granath, Peter73222457.14 %963035
Flag of New Zealand Grey, Kevin21171750.00 %392121
Flag of Germany Gross, Hans-Jürgen21242450.00 %253232
Flag of Germany Gschwender, Ernst34.001025123.4080.00 %1881420
Flag of Canada Guenette Jr., Jacques11RT0.00 %152525
Flag of Australia Guest, Peter6.00212133.00100.00 %441919
Flag of Japan Hanamura, Tadaaki2.00214171.00100.00 %432121
Flag of Germany Heiler, Anton22RT0.00 %51417
Flag of Switzerland Hofmann, Andreas29.0065114.83100.00 %1141013
Flag of New Zealand Holden, Robert11RT0.00 %163232
Flag of Belgium Hubin, Richard11RT0.00 %92727
Flag of USA Jacob, John21181850.00 %322222
Flag of USA James, Jamie86.001033258.6070.00 %17535
Flag of Portugal João, Manuel22728100.00 %483636
Flag of Australia Jordan, Trevor21161650.00 %281919
Flag of New Zealand Josiah, Russell11.00210115.50100.00 %671414
Flag of Japan Kaneko, Toshiharu22223100.00 %432727
Flag of USA Karm, Mike21719100.00 %382525
Flag of Japan Katoh, Shingo6.002110103.0050.00 %191010
Flag of New Zealand Kattenberg, Eddie21718100.00 %442525
Flag of USA Kieffer, David41619100.00 %842425
Flag of New Zealand King, Mike4.00212142.00100.00 %651515
Flag of USA Kipp, Tom9.006213141.5066.67 %1091720
Flag of Australia Knight, James10.00211115.00100.00 %491212
Flag of Japan Kobayashi, Koichi2.00214171.00100.00 %432222
Flag of Japan Kobayashi, Toshiya22122100.00 %432929
Flag of Malaysia Kuan, Meng Heng22RT0.00 %202424
Flag of France Lavieille, Christian9.0021774.5050.00 %231616
Flag of France Lentaigne, Emmanuel21819100.00 %423131
Flag of Australia Leslie, Roy22RT0.00 %81818
Flag of New Zealand Lewis, Rob9.00211124.50100.00 %661616
Flag of Malaysia Looi, Fabian22RT0.00 %102020
Flag of Spain López Mella, Juan Manuel13.0012611161.0850.00 %194818
Flag of Sweden Lundwall, Michael11RT0.00 %103131
Flag of Canada MacDonald, Clyde21919100.00 %482525
Flag of Great Britain Mackenzie, Niall16.002498.00100.00 %5077
Flag of Austria Mairhofer, Gerhard42262750.00 %753032
Flag of Germany Mark, Udo39.001026113.9080.00 %1661520
Flag of Australia Martin, Steve11.00210115.50100.00 %441313
Flag of Italy Mastrelli, Mauro61720100.00 %1252730
Flag of France Mattioli, Jean-Michel21.00618123.5083.33 %1061113
Flag of Great Britain McElnea, Rob218.002635268.3880.77 %49027
Flag of Canada McMurter, Rueben21920100.00 %502424
Flag of Switzerland Meier, Huby7.00412171.75100.00 %611322
Flag of Canada Mercier, Michel21.0024610.50100.00 %501313
Flag of USA Merkel, Fred197.00163711512.3193.75 %31124
Flag of Belgium Mertens, Stéphane300.0026313141411.5484.62 %54115
Flag of Japan Miwa, Shigemasa4.00212152.00100.00 %431616
Flag of Germany Möckel, Wolfgang2.0011114210.1890.91 %1842329
Flag of Switzerland Monsch, Christian1.002115150.5050.00 %252525
Flag of Italy Monti, Baldassarre149.0020323287.4585.00 %39615
Flag of Great Britain Morrison, Brian51.001738123.0082.35 %3531014
Flag of France Mounier, Jean Yves19.0037106.33100.00 %5389
Flag of France Mouzin, Christophe21181850.00 %282828
Flag of Italy Narducci, Adriano22224100.00 %323535
Flag of Thailand Nattavude, Charoensukhawatana1.00215160.50100.00 %481717
Flag of Australia O'Connor, Michael3.00213151.50100.00 %441616
Flag of Japan Osaka, Kenji7.0021993.5050.00 %191111
Flag of Italy Papa, Marco21721100.00 %442929
Flag of Austria Parzer, Johann22626100.00 %483434
Flag of New Zealand Pavletich, Paul11RT0.00 %181717
Flag of Great Britain Phillips, Mark21222250.00 %393939
Flag of Australia Phillis, Rob238.00252525159.5280.00 %51417
Flag of Canada Picotte, Pascal7.00212133.50100.00 %501212
Flag of Italy Pirovano, Fabrizio325.002651021412.5092.31 %53928
Flag of USA Polen, Doug8.001888.00100.00 %1933
Flag of Italy Presciutti, Aldeo115162254.55 %1482126
Flag of Denmark Rasmussen, René32252533.33 %562223
Flag of Austria Rechberger, Anton41232675.00 %463636
Flag of New Zealand Rees, Tony14.002997.00100.00 %681313
Flag of USA Renfrow, Randy22RT0.00 %181010
Flag of Italy Ricci, Mauro3.008413200.3850.00 %1321726
Flag of Australia Roberts, Andrew2.002114141.0050.00 %272626
Flag of Great Britain Robinson, Dale21171750.00 %232727
Flag of France Roche, Raymond382.0026817321314.6992.31 %55414
Flag of Switzerland Röhrer, Toni22022100.00 %333333
Flag of Germany Rubatto, Peter127182041.67 %1251624
Flag of Germany Rudroff, Michael4.006213200.6766.67 %812627
Flag of USA Russell, Scott15.002797.50100.00 %4044
Flag of Great Britain Rymer, Terry158.0020136167.9070.00 %40638
Flag of USA Sadowski, David7.0021993.5050.00 %3055
Flag of Japan Saito, Mitsuo10.0029115.00100.00 %431515
Flag of Japan Sato, Gakushin22424100.00 %433232
Flag of Italy Scatola, Vittorio11RT0.00 %101010
Flag of Switzerland Schäfli, Robert21721100.00 %313232
Flag of Germany Schmidt, Bodo21191950.00 %161919
Flag of Canada Schmuttermeier Jr., Oldrich22121100.00 %462727
Flag of Australia Scolyer, Robert21617100.00 %442020
Flag of Japan Shirai, Tetsuya21818100.00 %431818
Flag of Australia Short, Ian1.00215160.50100.00 %442727
Flag of Japan Shoyama, Masaru13030100.00 %173636
Flag of South Africa Singer, Graham21617100.00 %343030
Flag of New Zealand Slight, Aaron32.00411368.0075.00 %94811
Flag of Japan Sohwa, Takahiro22RT0.00 %2699
Flag of USA Stevens, Thomas7.0021993.5050.00 %3288
Flag of USA Strang, Todd22RT0.00 %142626
Flag of Great Britain Stringer, Ray11.00610161.83100.00 %1281922
Flag of New Zealand Stroud, Andrew17.002788.50100.00 %701212
Flag of Finland Suhonen, Jari112.002664114.3176.92 %480714
Flag of Malaysia Tai, Seng Kooi2.00214161.00100.00 %471515
Flag of Italy Tardozzi, Davide23.0015118101.5326.67 %166812
Flag of Australia Tate, Simon22RT0.00 %73232
Flag of Finland Tolonen, Pentti41212375.00 %623637
Flag of France Vallée, Gerard33RT0.00 %263434
Flag of Canada Vance, Don21222250.00 %242828
Flag of Australia Vanolini, Robert22021100.00 %423333
Flag of Portugal Vieira, Alex19.00627113.1766.67 %9268
Flag of Australia Watts, Steve22RT0.00 %113434
Flag of Switzerland Weibel, Edwin30.001449142.1471.43 %2321117
Flag of Great Britain Whitham, James4.004212161.0050.00 %512027
Flag of Great Britain Williams, Steve22021100.00 %492828
Flag of Germany Willmes, Peter22022100.00 %283333
Flag of Japan Yamamoto, Kosei22021100.00 %432525
Flag of USA Yoder Jr., Ray12020100.00 %192323
Flag of Austria Zwedorn, Christian1.006215230.1766.67 %1052327

Manufacturer statistics

Key: C = total competitors representing this manufacturer / R = total races started / W = total wins / P = total podiums / PP = total pole positions / RT = total retirements / BF = best finish pos. / AF = average finish pos. / AP = average points scored per race / Fin. % = percentage of races finished / TL = total laps completed / BG = best grid position / AG = average grid position.

Bimota4.0038413210.5055.56 %1311025
Ducati404.0013269235311715.5464.37 %1476111
Honda417.00562662546311416.0478.57 %5430118
Kawasaki301.00262641132411211.5875.76 %1954116
Suzuki61.001921155162.9065.91 %773320
Yamaha402.00522671916711215.4675.72 %5059116