Championnat de Belgique de Vitesse

Huy (Temporary road circuit, 1.3010 km)
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Map of Huy circuit.


  • 5 May, Sun
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  • Race

    Scheduled duration: 10 laps
    Started: 23 / Classified: 19

    Scheduled start time: 17:20
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    13Flag of BelgiumRichard HUBINDucati109:18.5883.850:54.7461
    211Flag of BelgiumPatric ORBANDucati109:19.591.0183.700:54.11102
    34Flag of BelgiumMarc DEVILLEHonda109:26.197.6182.720:55.2369
    42Flag of BelgiumMichel SIMÉONSuzuki109:34.4215.8481.540:55.9083
    59Flag of BelgiumLaurent NAVEAUYamaha109:35.0416.4681.450:55.9494
    68Flag of BelgiumPol RAMONKawasaki109:40.1221.5480.740:55.9655
    725Flag of BelgiumFranco VELLAKawasaki109:53.9835.4078.850:57.9378
    820Flag of BelgiumMichel CROONKawasaki109:54.3135.7378.810:57.78612
    95Flag of BelgiumEric DE DONCKERDucati109:54.8936.3178.730:57.83711
    1014Flag of BelgiumDidier LORISHonda109:59.1740.5978.170:57.68714
    1128Flag of BelgiumJohan DEWITKawasaki109:59.6641.0878.100:57.69710
    1216Flag of BelgiumDidier MOMBAERTSDucati1010:10.3351.7576.740:58.48718
    136Flag of BelgiumRoger EMONTSSuzuki1010:18.0359.4575.780:59.98915
    1410Flag of BelgiumEddy BAUD'HUINKawasaki99:25.211 lap74.581:00.13817
    1524Flag of BelgiumGérard BOLLENKawasaki99:30.651 lap73.871:00.46719
    1632Flag of BelgiumJacques MATAGNESuzuki99:34.731 lap73.341:01.74416
    1722Flag of BelgiumJean-Pol CLAMOTKawasaki99:35.911 lap73.191:01.695
    1819Flag of BelgiumJoël MOMMENSuzuki99:36.311 lap73.140:59.94713
    1952Flag of BelgiumDenis DUROISINDucati910:13.451 lap68.711:05.653
    RT12Flag of BelgiumRenaud MERTENSYamaha66:26.70---72.671:01.504
    RT18Flag of BelgiumDidier HUBERTYamaha11:03.92---73.271:03.9216
    RT43Flag of BelgiumBruno WEYNANDYamaha11:06.63Accident70.291:06.6317
    NR23Flag of BelgiumEric BACHELETSuzuki---
    Fastest lap11Flag of BelgiumPatric ORBANDucati0:54.11 on lap 1086.56 km/h

    Red-flagged on lap 2 due to rain. Re-started over full distance.

    Rider notes

    #23 Bachelet: Did not take part in re-start.

    #20 Croon: Listed as Suzuki rider on official results.


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