1991 Championnat de Belgique des Superbikes

The first Belgian Superbike Championship run to FIM regulations started without most of its leading competitors; a convoluted new points system allowed riders to replace their 3 lowest scores from traditional races with their 3 best results from hill-climb events, which the majority didn't compete in. Hill-climb specialist Marc Deville won all three of the early-season events, but when the season began in earnest on the roads and race circuits it was Michel Simul who was the obvious class of the field. 5 wins and 2 runner-up finishes gave him a comfortable lead, especially after his disastrous failure to qualify for the Short Races at Huy due to mechanical issues was replaced in his points total with a win in the Vencimont hill-climb. Veteran Richard Hubin finished second in the championship for Ducati Belgium, backed up late in the year by his team-mate Eric Bragard, while Marc Deville's hill-climb wins boosted him to 3rd in the standings despite only one top-3 race finish.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1991-03-241Belgium RichelleCourse de Côte de RichelleGO!
1991-04-012Belgium Presgaux15e Challenge Pascal
1991-04-073Belgium ZolderBenelux Races
1991-04-214Belgium Mettet51eme Grand Trophy de l'Entre Sambre et MeuseGO!
1991-05-055Belgium Huy5eme Edition des Short Races HuyGO!
1991-05-196Belgium Chimay60e Circuit de Vitesse Internationale de Chimay
1991-05-267Belgium VencimontCourse de Côte de Vencimont
1991-06-098Belgium Ostende18e Nationale Snelheidswedstrijd van de NordzeeGO!
1991-06-239Belgium OverpeltWegrace OverpeltGO!
1991-08-1110Belgium Gedinne21eme Journee Internationale de VitesseGO!
1991-09-0111Belgium FloreffeMemorial AndersonGO!
1991-09-0812Belgium Mettet (Short)3eme Memorial Bernard DenisGO!
1991-09-15Belgium YpresCancelled (reasons unknown).

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1991-04-01 Presgaux: Run 1, Run 2, Entry list

1991-04-07 Zolder: All sessions, Entry list

1991-04-21 Mettet: Qualifying, Entry list

1991-05-05 Huy: Qualifying, Entry list

1991-05-19 Chimay: All sessions, Entry list

1991-05-26 Vencimont: All sessions, Entry list

1991-06-09 Ostende: Qualifying, Entry list

1991-06-23 Overpelt: All sessions, Entry list

1991-08-11 Gedinne: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1991-09-08 Mettet (Short): Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

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