1992-03-14 to 1992-03-15

Championnat de Belgique de Vitesse

Carole (Permanent circuit, 2.0570 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 16


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  • 14 Mar, Sat
  • No results.Free Practice
  • Results are available.Qualification Race
  • 15 Mar, Sun
  • Results are available.Race
  • Qualification Race

    Scheduled duration: 12 laps
    Started: 15 / Classified: 14

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Raining / Track: Wet

    11Flag of BelgiumMichel SIMULKawasaki1215:29.0495.65
    213Flag of BelgiumMichel SIMÉONSuzuki1224.2793.21
    335Flag of BelgiumLéon VAN DAELEDucati1234.3092.24
    42Flag of BelgiumRichard HUBINDucati1243.5991.36
    58Flag of BelgiumPol RAMONKawasaki1244.3191.30
    66Flag of BelgiumPatric ORBANDucati1244.6591.26
    73Flag of BelgiumMarc DEVILLEHonda1244.8691.24
    819Flag of BelgiumLuc SNICKERSDucati121:12.1188.76
    920Flag of BelgiumFrançois SNICKERSDucati111 lap85.87
    1033Flag of BelgiumJoël MOMMENHonda111 lap85.76
    1130Flag of BelgiumBernard BRANDTHonda111 lap84.08
    1217Flag of BelgiumRoger EMONTSHonda111 lap81.88
    1315Flag of BelgiumEddy BAUD'HUINKawasaki111 lap80.99
    1434Flag of BelgiumJean-Pierre DESSOUROUXKawasaki102 laps77.70
    RT31Flag of BelgiumErik VANDAMMEDucati---
    NS16Flag of BelgiumBenjamin PISTERYamahaChain

    Fastest lap time not known.

    Rider notes

    #15 Baud'Huin: Crashed and remounted.

    #16 Pister: Chain broke on starting grid.


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