1992-03-28 to 1992-03-29

Championnat de Belgique de Vitesse

Montlhéry (Permanent circuit, 3.4050 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 17


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  • 28 Mar, Sat
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  • 29 Mar, Sun
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  • Race

    Scheduled duration: 14 laps
    Started: 17 / Classified: 17

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Patchy

    12Flag of BelgiumRichard HUBINDucati1420:40.95138.29
    26Flag of BelgiumPatric ORBANDucati1425.58135.50
    313Flag of BelgiumMichel SIMÉONSuzuki1439.47134.03
    43Flag of BelgiumMarc DEVILLEHonda1440.16133.96
    58Flag of BelgiumPol RAMONKawasaki1446.51133.30
    615Flag of BelgiumEddy BAUD'HUINKawasaki141:10.23130.88
    733Flag of BelgiumJoël MOMMENHonda141:11.23130.78
    825Flag of BelgiumGérard BOLLENKawasaki141:15.46130.36
    939Flag of BelgiumOlivier BOERSHonda131 lap128.05
    1044Flag of BelgiumEddy ATISYKawasaki131 lap127.80
    1130Flag of BelgiumBernard BRANDTHonda131 lap127.63
    1216Flag of BelgiumBenjamin PISTERYamaha131 lap126.76
    1319Flag of BelgiumLuc SNICKERSDucati131 lap126.71
    1414Flag of BelgiumJean-Pol CLAMOTKawasaki131 lap124.29
    1541Flag of BelgiumMarc DETOURNAYSuzuki131 lap124.18
    161Flag of BelgiumMichel SIMULKawasaki113 laps102.15
    1731Flag of BelgiumErik VANDAMMEDucati113 laps99.88
    NS35Flag of BelgiumLéon VAN DAELEDucatiInjured

    Fastest lap time not known.

    Rider notes

    #35 van Daele: Suffered concussion during free practice.


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