1992-07-04 to 1992-07-05

Pro-Superbike Championship

Most (Permanent circuit, 4.1480 km)
Entries: 92 / Practised: ? / Qualified: 44

Map of Most circuit.


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  • 4 Jul, Sat
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  • 5 Jul, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    122Flag of GermanyMichael LIEDLKawasaki1:34.20158.52
    219Flag of SwitzerlandEdwin WEIBELDucati1:35.02157.15
    36Flag of GermanyErnst GSCHWENDERKawasaki1:35.64156.14
    48Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANNKawasaki1:35.89155.73
    555Flag of SwitzerlandRoland OSCHWALDDucati1:36.10155.39
    610Flag of GermanyWolfgang HAMBACHKawasaki1:36.29155.08
    79Flag of GermanyBernhard SCHICKDucati1:36.39154.92
    84Flag of GermanyThomas FRANZHonda1:36.50154.74
    95Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTOYamaha1:36.53154.70
    1016Flag of GermanyHayri WINTERHonda1:36.84154.20
    1126Flag of GermanyHans GRATZLDucati1:36.96154.01
    1212Flag of GermanyThomas STOCKERSuzuki1:36.98153.98
    1339Flag of GermanyKarl-Heinz HENNEMANNYamaha1:37.06153.85
    147Flag of GermanySven SEIDELSuzuki1:37.31153.46
    1559Flag of GermanyAnton GRUSCHKAHonda1:37.46153.22
    1677Flag of AustraliaOwen COLESDucati1:37.58153.03
    1713Flag of GermanyMichael GALINSKIHonda1:37.74152.78
    182Flag of GermanyAnton HEILERYamaha1:37.82152.66
    1921Flag of GermanyMichael GEIGERKawasaki1:37.96152.44
    2045Flag of GermanyStefan SCHESCHOWITSCHKawasaki1:38.03152.33
    2153Flag of GermanyGerhard HÄBERLEKawasaki1:38.16152.13
    2236Flag of GermanyKlaus LIEGIBELYamaha1:38.49151.62
    2344Flag of GermanyThomas FRIEDRICHKawasaki1:38.52151.57
    243Flag of GermanyBernd CASPERSYamaha1:38.59151.46
    2572Flag of GermanyRainer JÄNISCHSuzuki1:38.73151.25
    2633Flag of GermanyKai-Uwe SCHMIDKawasaki1:38.75151.22
    2724Flag of GermanyGerald SÜTSCHKawasaki1:38.84151.08
    2841Flag of GermanyWerner ZECHHonda1:38.95150.91
    2931Flag of GermanyThomas OCHSENREITERKawasaki1:39.01150.82
    3034Flag of GermanyClaus EHRENBERGERSuzuki1:39.08150.71
    3123Flag of GermanyOliver SCHMIDTDucati1:39.53150.03
    32106Flag of HungaryIstván LOVASIKawasaki1:39.68149.81
    3311Flag of GermanyJürgen FOSSKawasaki1:40.08149.21
    3493Flag of GermanyKarl-Richard BECKDucati1:40.29148.90
    3538Flag of GermanyHans SCHWÖRERYamaha1:40.48148.61
    3646Flag of GermanyHans HAGELOCHKawasaki1:40.52148.56
    3752Flag of GermanyRüdiger KAUFMANNSuzuki1:40.95147.92
    3894Flag of GermanyHerbert KAUFMANNYamaha1:41.11147.69
    3949Flag of GermanyHeinz PLATACISKawasaki1:41.26147.47
    4078Flag of HungaryAttila SZABÓYamaha1:41.60146.98
    4130Flag of GermanyAlfred SCHMIDSuzuki1:41.66146.89
    4261Flag of GermanyThomas ZUCKSCHWERDTYamaha1:41.74146.77
    4315Flag of GermanyUwe BRUNZELDucati1:41.92146.51
    44102Flag of CzechoslovakiaTomáš FOUKALKawasaki1:42.39145.84
    (45)37Flag of GermanyAndreas MÖLLERYamaha1:42.45145.76
    (46)96Flag of NetherlandsHarry HEUTMEKERSSuzuki1:42.49145.70
    (47)32Flag of GermanyBernd WALTERDucati1:42.75145.33
    (48)29Flag of GermanyChristian SCHERMYamaha1:42.91145.11
    (49)98Flag of CzechoslovakiaMichal BURSASuzuki1:43.70144.00
    (50)92Flag of CzechoslovakiaMartin VESELÝHonda1:43.75143.93
    (51)47Flag of GermanyLeonhard SCHILLERKawasaki1:43.80143.86
    (52)42Flag of GermanyIngo WEULEKawasaki1:44.34143.12
    (53)97Flag of CzechoslovakiaOndřej LELEKSuzuki1:45.23141.91
    (54)43Flag of GermanyRalf ALTZSCHNERSuzuki1:46.95139.62
    (55)95Flag of PolandJanusz OSKALDOWICZKawasaki1:47.60138.78
    (56)91Flag of CzechoslovakiaJiří BOUDÍKDucati1:51.30134.17
    (57)105Flag of PolandWłodzimierz KWASKawasaki1:52.65132.56
    (58)104Flag of PolandTomasz KĘDZIORKawasaki1:53.86131.15

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.

    Rider notes

    #104 Kędzior, #105 Kwas, #91 Boudík, #92 Veselý, #95 Oskaldowicz, #96 Heutmekers, #97 Lelek, #98 Bursa: Not eligible for championship points.


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