1992-09-11 to 1992-09-13

World Superbike Dutch Round

Assen (Short) (Permanent circuit, 3.9130 km)
Attendance: 38,000
Event permit: IMN 02/12
Timekeepers: Heida Systems
Entries: 79 / Practised: 55 / Qualified: 36


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  • 11 Sep, Fri
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  • 12 Sep, Sat
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  • 13 Sep, Sun
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  • Race 2

    Scheduled duration: 24 laps
    Started: 35 / Classified: 19

    Scheduled start time: 15:30
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    19Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPADunlop tyresDucati2434:03.34165.461:23.675
    27Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYDunlop tyresDucati2434:09.015.67165.001:24.229
    32Flag of FranceRaymond ROCHEMichelin tyresDucati2434:10.306.96164.891:23.1182
    413Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTMichelin tyresKawasaki2434:13.189.84164.661:24.037
    548Flag of SpainDaniel AMATRIAÍNMichelin tyresDucati2434:13.8810.54164.611:24.3112
    634Flag of ItalyFabrizio FURLANDunlop tyresDucati2434:26.3122.97163.621:24.5013
    731Flag of FranceAdrien MORILLASDunlop tyresYamaha2434:34.8231.48162.951:24.5811
    85Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresYamaha2434:36.7133.37162.801:24.5410
    979Flag of SwitzerlandRoger KELLENBERGERDunlop tyresYamaha2434:38.3935.05162.671:23.6517
    1020Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERMichelin tyresYamaha2434:48.9645.62161.841:25.5529
    1150Flag of NetherlandsMile PAJICMetzeler tyresKawasaki2434:52.7649.42161.551:25.6327
    1255Flag of NetherlandsJohnny VERWIJSTDunlop tyresKawasaki2434:53.3249.98161.511:25.6231
    1336Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUDunlop tyresDucati2434:55.5952.25161.331:25.5824
    1437Flag of FranceJéhan D'ORGEIXDunlop tyresKawasaki2434:58.7655.42161.091:25.7925
    1544Flag of FranceFlorian FERRACCIDunlop tyresDucati2435:37.031:33.69158.201:27.2930
    1652Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARIMichelin tyresDucati2435:43.641:40.30157.711:27.3226
    1749Flag of SwitzerlandWalter AMMANNDunlop tyresYamaha2435:51.241:47.90157.161:27.3233
    1890Flag of NetherlandsGerard VAN DER WALKawasaki2435:52.621:49.28157.061:27.4536
    1998Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTIMichelin tyresKawasaki2334:45.521 lap155.361:27.1828
    RT12Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIESDunlop tyresYamaha2131:04.90---158.631:25.5914
    RT3Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLISMichelin tyresKawasaki1622:49.50Accident164.581:24.068
    RT28Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIDunlop tyresKawasaki1622:54.81Accident163.941:24.633
    RT30Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANNMichelin tyresKawasaki1420:12.02Retired162.721:25.2216
    RT10Flag of ItalyDavide TARDOZZIDunlop tyresDucati1420:23.96---161.131:25.2320
    RT60Flag of GermanyThomas FRANZMichelin tyresHonda1420:53.99---157.271:27.6635
    RT92Flag of NetherlandsPeter DOPPENBERGKawasaki1421:03.70Mechanical156.061:28.1234
    RT1Flag of USADoug POLENDunlop tyresDucati68:59.43Engine156.691:24.211
    RT39Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSDunlop tyresKawasaki58:34.57Gearbox136.881:25.8519
    RT4Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENSDunlop tyresDucati45:56.79Oil leak157.931:23.974
    RT27Flag of USAFred MERKELMichelin tyresYamaha46:11.40Off-track151.721:27.436
    RT6Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDunlop tyresDucati35:09.76Gearbox136.431:26.7018
    RT38Flag of GermanyErnst GSCHWENDERDunlop tyresKawasaki36:11.58Accident113.731:26.1721
    RT18Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMMichelin tyresYamaha11:33.60---150.501:33.6015
    RT35Flag of New ZealandSimon CRAFARMichelin tyresHonda12:41.05---87.472:41.0522
    RT46Flag of ItalyVittorio SCATOLADunlop tyresKawasaki00:00.00Accident23
    NS99Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATIDunlop tyresYamahaNot started32
    NS63Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIEPirelli tyresKawasakiNot started
    NS8Flag of ItalyBaldassarre MONTIMichelin tyresHondaInjured
    Fastest lap2Flag of FranceRaymond ROCHEMichelin tyresDucati1:23.11 on lap 8169.50 km/h

    Red-flagged on lap 15 due to rain. Re-started over 10 laps - aggregate times.

    Rider notes

    #30 Hofmann: Withdrew due to hand injury sustained in collision with Falappa.

    #8 Monti: Suffered concussion in qualifying 2.


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