1993-07-03 to 1993-07-04

Championnat de France Superbike

Carole (Permanent circuit, 2.0570 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 29 / Qualified: 29


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  • 3 Jul, Sat
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  • 4 Jul, Sun
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  • Qualifying 2

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: ? / Classified: 28

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: ? / Track: ?

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    15Flag of FrancePhilippe MOUCHETDucati1:02.98117.58
    26Flag of PortugalAlex VIEIRAYamaha1:03.360.38116.88
    39Flag of FranceJean-Marc DELÉTANGYamaha1:03.380.40116.84
    478Flag of FranceAlain LELANKawasaki1:03.420.44116.76
    51Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERYamaha1:03.440.46116.73
    67Flag of FranceDenis BONORISKawasaki1:03.530.55116.56
    794Flag of FranceChristophe GUYOTKawasaki1:03.730.75116.20
    811Flag of FranceGérald MUTEAUYamaha1:03.740.76116.18
    921Flag of FranceFlorian FERRACCIDucati1:04.031.05115.65
    1062Flag of FranceDominique MARZLOFFKawasaki1:04.231.25115.29
    1137Flag of FranceHervé MOINEAUSuzuki1:04.361.38115.06
    1220Flag of FranceBruno LANGLOISYamaha1:04.521.54114.77
    1399Flag of FranceChristy REBUTTINIDucati1:04.561.58114.70
    1451Flag of FranceStéphane CHAMBONDucati1:04.811.83114.26
    1519Flag of FranceEmmanuel LENTAIGNEHonda1:05.522.54113.02
    1683Flag of FranceLouis-Luc MAISTODucati1:05.692.71112.73
    1722Flag of FranceEric COTKawasaki1:05.962.98112.27
    1893Flag of FranceAndré LUSSIANAHonda1:06.093.11112.05
    1952Flag of FranceWilliam RUBIODucati1:06.273.29111.74
    2030Flag of FranceRégis BONJEANHonda1:06.733.75110.97
    2155Flag of FrancePatrick LELANHonda1:07.014.03110.51
    2298Flag of FranceAlain AGOGUEKawasaki1:07.064.08110.43
    2326Flag of FranceDidier PÉANHonda1:07.274.29110.08
    2492Flag of FranceJean-François DAMIDEHonda1:07.354.37109.95
    2544Flag of FranceBernard ESCUDIERYamaha1:07.504.52109.71
    2625Flag of FranceFabrice BECKKawasaki1:08.555.57108.03
    2753Flag of FranceBoris CHAMBONDucati1:08.715.73107.77
    2869Flag of FranceBernard DARIÉ[unknown]1:09.426.44106.67

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