1994-05-14 to 1994-05-15

Tsukuba International Road Race

Tsukuba (Permanent circuit, 2.0700 km)
Attendance: 12,800
Entries: 45 / Practised: 36 / Qualified: 33

Map of Tsukuba circuit.

Overall qualifying

14Flag of JapanShoichi TSUKAMOTOKawasaki0:58.278127.87
22Flag of JapanShin'ya TAKEISHIHonda0:58.386127.63
31Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWAKawasaki0:58.734126.88
424Flag of JapanTakuma AOKIHonda0:58.791126.75
58Flag of JapanWataru YOSHIKAWAYamaha0:58.864126.60
69Flag of JapanAkira RYOKawasaki0:58.864126.60
73Flag of JapanYasutomo NAGAIYamaha0:58.873126.58
870Flag of JapanNoriyuki HAGADucati0:58.992126.32
923Flag of JapanHiroshi MARUYAMADucati0:58.993126.32
105Flag of JapanAkira YANAGAWASuzuki0:59.248125.78
1162Flag of JapanNorihiko FUJIWARAYamaha0:59.260125.75
1212Flag of JapanMichio IZUMIKawasaki0:59.445125.36
1313Flag of JapanToshiya KOBAYASHIHonda0:59.492125.26
1471Flag of JapanKen'ichiro IWAHASHIHonda0:59.531125.18
1510Flag of JapanHitoyasu IZUTSUKawasaki0:59.584125.07
1632Flag of JapanNorick ABEHonda0:59.636124.96
1711Flag of JapanTomohiko KANEYASUHonda0:59.637124.96
1860Flag of JapanRyuji TSURUTAKawasaki1:00.122123.95
1954Flag of JapanMakoto SUZUKISuzuki1:00.355123.47
2059Flag of JapanTatsuro ARATAYamaha1:00.380123.42
2155Flag of JapanYukio NUKUMISuzuki1:00.411123.36
2276Flag of JapanKatsunori HASEGAWAYamaha1:00.624122.92
2352Flag of JapanTetsuya AKAGIHonda1:01.139121.89
2438Flag of JapanHirofumi TAKADAYamaha1:01.149121.87
2567Flag of JapanShigemasa MIWAHonda1:01.168121.83
2627Flag of JapanHideo SENMYOHonda1:01.236121.69
2714Flag of JapanMasato MOGIYamaha1:01.250121.67
2892Flag of JapanMitsunori SHIMIZUDucati1:01.672120.83
2918Flag of JapanJun MAEDAHonda1:01.702120.77
3017Flag of JapanYoshihiro TAIRAHonda1:01.721120.74
3190Flag of JapanKoji KAMINAOHonda1:01.902120.38
3248Flag of JapanRyuichi OSAKIHonda1:01.941120.31
(33)84Flag of JapanHitoshi TANIGUCHIYamaha1:01.992120.21
(34)81Flag of JapanMasatoshi TOMITAHonda1:02.064120.07
3543Flag of JapanShin'ichi HIRASAWAHonda1:02.087120.03
(36)42Flag of JapanHiroyuki TSUNORAHonda1:02.689118.87

Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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