1996-08-31 to 1996-09-01

BOBY Motion '96 Open

Most (Permanent circuit, 4.1480 km)
Entries: 15 / Practised: 15 / Qualified: 14

Map of Most circuit.

Race 1

Scheduled duration: 14 laps
Started: 11 / Classified: 10

Scheduled start time: 11:20
Weather: ? / Track: ?

P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
123Flag of Czech RepublicJiří MRKÝVKAKawasaki1422:31.982154.63--.---2
25Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERERKawasaki1422:32.4330.451154.581:35.58371
37Flag of Czech RepublicMichal BURSAKawasaki1422:42.78710.805153.41--.---4
44Flag of SlovakiaDavid PECHNÍKKawasaki1423:01.07929.097151.37--.---5
515Flag of Czech RepublicPetr ŘEHŮLEKKawasaki1423:40.3771:08.395147.19--.---8
679Flag of GermanyKarsten HODECKERKawasaki1423:40.4251:08.443147.18--.---7
772Flag of GermanyKlaus-Peter DOMKEHonda1322:33.7651 lap143.40--.---12
839Flag of AustriaErnst SCHULLERYamaha1322:37.5561 lap143.00--.---9
942Flag of AustriaRoland SCHRANGLKawasaki1322:57.0641 lap140.97--.---13
1067Flag of Czech RepublicTomáš FOUKALKawasaki1124:52.7503 laps110.04--.---10
RT2Flag of Czech RepublicOndřej LELEKDucati58:10.591---152.19--.---3
NS97Flag of Czech RepublicRoman BOČEKHondaNot started6
NS13Flag of Czech RepublicZdeněk SEDLÁKKawasakiNot started11
NS9Flag of Czech RepublicMartin VESELÝHondaNot started14
Fastest lap5Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERERKawasaki1:35.583 on lap 7156.23 km/h

Official points table/ Česká a slovenská motocyklová silnice 1993⁠-⁠2007 pg171⁠-⁠172/ Retro Moto 90 1996 pg43⁠-⁠44