European Championship Open '96

Cartagena (Permanent circuit, 3.4790 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 19

Map of Cartagena circuit.


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  • 8 Mar, Fri
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  • 9 Mar, Sat
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  • 10 Mar, Sun
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  • Race

    Scheduled duration: 26 laps
    Started: 19 / Classified: 15

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    15Flag of SpainDavid VÁZQUEZDucati2643:53.954123.631:39.85122
    21Flag of SpainIdalio GAVIRAHonda2643:54.8870.933123.591:40.504264
    321Flag of SwitzerlandBernard HÄNGGELIHonda2644:24.21430.260122.231:41.02086
    43Flag of ItalyMarco BURNELLIDucati2644:31.21137.257121.911:41.083415
    512Flag of ItalyGiovanni BUSSEIDucati2644:42.55948.605121.391:41.10283
    614Flag of PortugalTelmo PEREIRASuzuki2645:02.5401:08.586120.491:41.82849
    736Flag of NorwayJan Olav NOTENGSuzuki2645:13.9861:20.032119.981:42.88828
    89Flag of SwitzerlandAlain SCHORDERETHonda2645:18.7511:24.797119.771:42.633410
    97Flag of PortugalAlexandre LARANJEIRASuzuki2645:32.9731:39.019119.151:42.8401917
    1017Flag of PortugalEduardo PAULAKawasaki2645:34.8021:40.848119.071:43.621513
    1126Flag of PortugalRui REIGOTOKawasaki2543:56.3761 lap118.771:43.8392316
    128Flag of ItalyPaolo MALVINIDucati2544:01.1961 lap118.551:43.9511811
    1320Flag of GermanyHarry FATHDucati2544:44.1491 lap116.651:45.811814
    1432Flag of Czech RepublicOndřej LELEKDucati2544:44.7881 lap116.621:46.0831619
    1542Flag of SpainIgnacio VEGA-PENICHETYamaha2444:22.6952 laps112.891:48.5621418
    RT77Flag of GermanyHerbert ENZINGERDucati2136:17.800Accident120.771:41.9761212
    RT2Flag of SpainEustáquio GAVIRAHonda1016:53.140Rear axle123.621:40.37651
    RT4Flag of ItalyMauro MASTRELLIDucati915:17.380Mechanical122.871:40.73185
    RT15Flag of SwitzerlandYves MATTHEYDucati915:36.200---120.401:42.25257
    Fastest lap5Flag of SpainDavid VÁZQUEZDucati1:39.851 on lap 2125.43 km/h

    Rider notes

    #21 Hänggeli: Involved in a collision with a spectator in the pit lane during free practice 2 on Friday, suffering a sprained wrist. The spectator was taken to hospital but not seriously injured.


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