1997-08-15 to 1997-08-17

World Superbike Austrian Round

A1-Ring (Permanent circuit, 4.3180 km)
Attendance: 26,000
Event permit: IMN 102/8
Timekeepers: Federazione Italiana Cronometristi
Entries: 36 / Practised: 35 / Qualified: 32

Map of A1-Ring circuit.

Entry list

2WFlag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHT31Michelin tyresHonda RC45Castrol Honda
3WFlag of USAJohn KOCINSKI29Michelin tyresHonda RC45Castrol Honda
4WFlag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTY32Michelin tyresDucati 916Ducati Corse ADVF
6WFlag of New ZealandSimon CRAFAR28Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZX-7RRKawasaki Racing
7WFlag of ItalyPierfrancesco CHILI33Michelin tyresDucati 916Gattolone Racing
8WFlag of JapanAkira YANAGAWA26Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZX-7RRKawasaki Racing
9WFlag of Great BritainNeil HODGSON23Michelin tyresDucati 916Ducati Corse ADVF
11WFlag of USAMike HALE24Michelin tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Suzuki World Superbike
12WFlag of Great BritainJames WHITHAM30Michelin tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Suzuki World Superbike
13WFlag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAU30Michelin tyresDucati 916BLM Ducati Austria
14WFlag of Great BritainJames HAYDON23Michelin tyresDucati 916Gio.Ca.Moto
15WFlag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPI29Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZX-7RRKawasaki Italy Bertocchi
17WFlag of SpainPere RIBA28Michelin tyresHonda RC45White Endurance Team
21WFlag of GermanyJochen SCHMID34Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZX-7RRTeam Green Kawasaki Deutschland
22WFlag of USAScott RUSSELL32Dunlop tyresYamaha YZF750Yamaha World Superbike Team
31WFlag of SloveniaIgor JERMAN22Michelin tyresKawasaki ZX-7RRTeam MD Depala Vas
35WFlag of SpainGregorio LAVILLA23Pirelli tyresDucati 916Pirelli De Cecco Racing
36WFlag of AustriaChristian HÄUSLE37Pirelli tyresDucati 916BLM Ducati Austria
37WFlag of AustriaOssi NIEDERKIRCHER36Metzeler tyresSuzuki GSX-R7502-Rad Corner Seefeld
38WFlag of AustriaHermann SCHMID34Michelin tyresDucati 916MRC-Scout
39WFlag of AustriaJohann WOLFSTEINER28Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750RSC-Regau
42WFlag of Great BritainChris WALKER25Dunlop tyresYamaha YZF750Yamaha World Superbike Team
43WFlag of AustriaHannes BICHLER35Metzeler tyresDucati 916BLM Leitner
52EFlag of ItalyGiorgio CANTALUPO35Michelin tyresDucati 916Moto Club Augusta Praetoria
53EFlag of ItalyPaolo MALVINI?Pirelli tyresDucati 916Pirelli De Cecco Racing
54EFlag of GermanyAnton GRUSCHKA33Metzeler tyresYamaha YZF750Bauer Racing Germany
55EFlag of AustriaGerhard ESTERER39Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750MSC-Rottenegg
56EFlag of AustriaHermann EICHHORN?Yamaha
57EFlag of AustriaAli GUETTOUCHE37Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750Motorrad Center
58EFlag of Czech RepublicOndřej LELEK35Michelin tyresHonda RC45Racing Team Fiomo
60EFlag of AustriaKarl OBEXER33Honda RC45Motorsport Club World
61EFlag of Czech RepublicJiří MRKÝVKA23Dunlop tyresHonda RC45SBK Team JM
62EFlag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGER39Michelin tyresYamaha OW01MSC-Rottenegg
63EFlag of AustriaErnst GRANDEGGER47Suzuki GSX-R750Cyclerep
64EFlag of GermanyUdo MARK33Dunlop tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Team Suzuki Deutschland
72EFlag of ItalyRedamo ASSIRELLI26Michelin tyresYamaha YZF750Team Pirelli

Struck out text denotes riders on entry list who did not participate.


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