1994 Championnat de Belgique des Superbikes

For Richard Hubin 1994 was the twilight of his career and his place at the top of the Belgian Superbike field was gradually taken up by his Ducati team-mate Alain Kempener, Honda's Louis Wuyts and Supersport champion Patric Orban. The championship continued to struggle for numbers and only exceeded a dozen starters when international riders were involved, though the racing was still a spectacle and the championship appeared to be leaning in Kempener's favour until a disqualification at Ostende followed by a crash at Aalter that put him out but which Orban remounted from to still win the race. The majority of the calendar was either tricky urban circuits too awkward for the big superbikes or flat-out road circuits where riders averaged ludicrous speeds of nearly 200 km/h for half-hour long races; it was at one of these road races that the promising young Kawasaki rider Reggy Hebberecht lost his life in a high-speed accident, prompting the sensible decision to restrict the superbikes to slower circuits in 1995.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1994-03-201France CarolePromosport France Circuit CaroleGO!
1994-04-102Belgium Huy8eme Edition des Short Races HuyGO!
1994-04-243Belgium Renaix1ste Snelheidswedstrijd van RonseGO!
1994-05-084Belgium Mettet54e Trophy de l'Entre Sambre et MeuseGO!
1994-05-155France Magny-CoursFMS no. 4 - Magny-CoursGO!
1994-05-226Belgium Chimay63eme Circuit de Vitesse Internationale de ChimayGO!
1994-05-297Belgium Ostende21ste Snelheidswedstrijd van de NordzeeGO!
1994-07-038Belgium Aalter2e Snelheidswedstrijd te AalterGO!
1994-08-149Belgium Erpe-Mere1ste Snelheidswedstrijd van Erpe-MereGO!
1994-08-2110Belgium Gedinne24e Journee Internationale de Vitesse
1994-09-04Belgium TermondeCancelled (reasons unknown).
1994-09-1111Belgium Mettet6eme Memorial Bernard Denis
1994-09-1812Belgium ChimayVitesse Internationale de ChimayGO!

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1994-03-20 Carole: Free Practice, Entry list

1994-04-10 Huy: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-04-24 Renaix: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-05-08 Mettet: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1994-05-15 Magny-Cours: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Warm-Up, Entry list

1994-05-22 Chimay: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-05-29 Ostende: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-07-03 Aalter: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-08-14 Erpe-Mere: Qualifying, Entry list

1994-08-21 Gedinne: All sessions, Entry list

1994-09-11 Mettet: All sessions, Entry list

1994-09-18 Chimay: Qualifying, Entry list

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